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EMC employees work hard every day. They set goals and give their all to reach those goals. Employees who go above and beyond are rewarded for their efforts. Below is a sampling of recognition awards available to employees.

Corporate recognition award programs

EMC has many recognition programs that allow managers and peers to nominate employees for outstanding efforts. EMC also allows teams within our organization to create awards that best meet the needs and desires of that team. For many, the awards come in cash accompanied by a certificate, trophy, or medal.

Tenure awards

EMC provides an online catalog of merchandise employees can pick out with their families for every five years of service.

Club 101

Field sales personnel who achieve 101 percent or more of their annual sales quota, as well as non-quota-carrying personnel who make exceptional contributions to sales or service, are rewarded with a trip with their spouse to a resort for several days to a week, in the company of all EMC Club 101 members and representatives of EMC's executive team.

EMC President’s Award

The President's Award is EMC's highest honor. This award recognizes the employees or teams who demonstrate exemplary actions that further EMC's long-term vision and mission.


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