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EMC's culture is one of empowerment, innovation, execution, and caring about the customer and fellow employees. We have built a culture of teamwork and trust, creating a sense of camaraderie at both the departmental and company-wide level.

New employees are welcomed into the EMC family with a wide variety of programs:

  • All new employees are enrolled in a "Compass" program, where they learn about the company, its values, and its history, and have an opportunity to meet other new hires.
  • New college hires are assigned "alum chums" to help them navigate the company.
  • Each new sales hire spends time learning from company executives and experiencing bonding programs like the ritual of "fire-walking."

At the departmental and functional level, each organization has its own rituals. Organizational groups have been known to:

  • Form softball and soccer leagues that play on one of the company's fields.
  • Have "coffee and communication" or "lunch and learn" sessions, where socializing is as important as the business topic.
  • Participate in fun team-building activities.
  • Celebrate birthdays, employee anniversaries, births, and other important events.


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