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Andre, EMC Residency Services Professional

EMC Residency Services Professional

As a solutions architect in the Residency Services practice, André is deeply involved with infrastructure projects and storage migrations. He works side by side with the customer to define project goals. He also creates project plans, defines workflows, and uses the customer's internal systems for tracking.

André is also responsible for ordering the necessary products and services and, once the equipment is delivered, he coordinates installation and ensures that it's configured to the customer's specifications. He communicates with all stakeholders to provide complete end-to-end coverage throughout each project.

“My role is to be the interface between EMC and the customer,” says André. “If the customer has new plans and projects, I'm involved in the architectural planning and solution design. Over the years I've become a trusted advisor.”

André is the customer's first point of contact with EMC, and he's dedicated to doing what's best for the customer. “If I don't know an answer, I have to know where to find it,” he adds.

Career Path

Computers have fascinated André since childhood. He graduated from college in 2003 with a degree in computer science and immediately joined a consulting company specializing in the EMC environment. André started working with EMC in 2004 as a consultant specializing in EMC network-attached storage (NAS), and joined the EMC Residency Services practice in Germany in 2007.

André has developed deep technical skills in storage and continues to develop them through on-the-job training and eLearning. He has attained multiple EMC Proven Professional certifications at the Specialist and Expert levels.

Why André Likes Working at EMC

“EMC is a great company,” says André. “It provides me with all the training I need and invests in my development with the full backing of my manager. EMC supports its employees in building their careers and rewards them well for their efforts.”

André shoulders a challenging workload with many individual tasks and parallel activities. His job demands a great deal of concentration as he attends meetings, writes protocols, and answers questions. However, he enjoys doing what needs to be done to keep the customer happy, finding great reward in successfully completing a difficult project, especially when he receives a “thank you” from the customer.

Do You Want to Work in Residency Services?

To work at EMC, you need to be open to learning new skills and willing to work hard, according to André. You should be flexible and adaptable, ready to respond when things don't go exactly the way you planned.

You'll need a strong technical foundation upon which to build your product-specific storage knowledge. Above all, you must have the mindset to put the customer first.


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