EMC Managed Services Profiles

EMC Residency Services employs hundreds of service professionals around the globe to assist customers with day-to-day information infrastructure operations, management, and support. The program offers exciting and challenging opportunities to work with customers worldwide in a variety of roles, from everyday operational storage to development of long-term information infrastructure strategy.

EMC Residency Services Profiles

Read about some of our staff members, and learn what it's like to be part of the EMC Residency team.

André, EMC Residency Services Professional
Deeply involved with infrastructure projects and storage migrations as a solutions architect, André serves as his customer’s interface—and first point of contact—with EMC.
Ankur, EMC Residency Services Professional
By helping his customers to solve complex storage issues, Ankur helps them to minimize impact, attain faster resolution times, and maintain service-level agreements (SLAs).
Ken, EMC Residency Services Professional
Leader of a team of residents in a large technical refresh project for a major international financial services company, Ken works with customer and EMC teams and management in a variety of roles.
Leo, EMC Residency Services Professional
As senior solutions architect with a variety of customers in multiple industries, Leo helps them to adopt and use EMC technology on their journeys to the cloud.
Rick, EMC Residency Services Professional
Serving as a storage operation specialist and residency solution architect in China, Rick helps customers to effectively manage the operation and maintenance of their IT environments.
Valadi, EMC Residency Services Professional
Working onsite with EMC government customers, Valadi helps to keep their EMC storage area network (SAN) operations running smoothly and manages the relationship between the customer and the EMC account team.

EMC Storage Managed Services Profiles

Our storage managed services specialists are helping customers around the globe to manage their growth more efficiently—and use their investment dollars more wisely—by running their data centers with the assurance of service-level commitments. This rapidly growing business offers exciting career opportunities for professionals with a wide variety of experience, skills, and certifications.

Meet members of our Storage Managed Services team and learn about their experiences firsthand.

Anthony, Storage Managed Services
A senior solutions architect, Anthony is responsible for managing capacity and ensuring optimum performance of the equipment and infrastructure EMC is supplying to his customer.
Joyce, Storage Managed Services
Responsible for turning data into useful information that helps the reporting and analysis team she leads make important decisions, Joyce also helps them avoid bad ones—on a daily basis.