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At EMC, it seems we're always near the top of the list of companies hiring recent college grads. Why? It's your passion, energy, fresh perspective, and inquisitive minds. You keep us young and innovative so we can stay current and leading edge in the eyes of our customers. You undoubtedly have questions. Find the answers here.

FAQ: What Every Applicant Needs to Know

What types of jobs are available for new college grads?

We're not just about technology—we offer positions across all career paths including sales, marketing, finance, legal, and human resources. Our technical opportunities are diverse, with positions in hardware and software engineering, manufacturing, technical support, and customer service. We offer Associate Training programs, development programs, internships & co-ops as well as entry-level positions throughout the organization.

What is the company's growth strategy?

EMC is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect, and analyze their most valuable asset-information-in a more agile, trusted, and cost-efficient way. We expect to continue to deliver exceptional revenue growth from information management and storage solutions while growing five emerging business areas: content management, resource management, storage virtualization, information security, and virtual infrastructure software. Our strategy is focused on both organic growth and new acquisitions.

What applicant characteristics does EMC look for?

We are very proud of our talented and dedicated workforce and believe they are our competitive edge. For this reason, we are very selective in our hiring process. EMC is looking for the traits and competencies of exceptional performers. We evaluate applicants by how well they approach and resolve problems, how they work in mixed teams, and their adaptability, initiative, integrity, and communication skills. Can they manage multiple demands and competing priorities? Do they know when change is needed, and do they have what it takes to drive change?

For more on the traits important at EMC and the types of questions you can expect in an interview, go to Interview Guide and Keys to Success.

What is the EMC work environment like?

At EMC, we listen to everyone and leverage your skills. Your value here is as great as you want it to be. Once you're part of our family, we care about your ideas and where you want your career to go. The best way to learn the most about the company culture and work environment is to attend an EMC recruiting event and speak with a human resources representative. Dress code and office hours vary by roles and locations. However, one facet of the EMC environment is consistent: wherever you go, whatever you do, you'll be surrounded by people who take pride in their work, enjoy challenges, and have the support to maintain balance in their lives.

How can I better engage with EMC?

Facebook - Like us! It's an easy way to stay up to date on EMC as a place to work.

Twitter Careers - Follow us! Receive regular notice of hot job openings, career tips, and info on EMC and the industry.

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YouTube - Check out cool videos and employee testimonials.

Where else can I go to learn more about EMC? - Submit your resume! You'll be in our database and can easily be found now and in the future. - Subscribe to the job category or region of the world where you wish to work and be alerted of real-time openings via RSS or email. - All you want to know about EMC products, services, value, and more.

What are the next steps after resume submission?

Your application and resume will be reviewed upon receipt. If there's an appropriate match, you'll be contacted by an EMC human resources representative.


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