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Consultant, Business Consulting Practice

His official title may be “consultant,” but David wears many different hats within the EMC business consulting practice. “Sometimes I’m a business analysis consultant, sometimes I’m a technical business consultant, sometimes I’m a project manager, and sometimes I’m a subject matter expert (SME). What I do changes, based on the needs of the project I’m working on and how my skills apply,” David explains.

Regardless of which hat he’s wearing, David’s job is to make sure that his team delivers to—and strives to exceed—clients’ expectations. His team’s success helps to ensure that EMC continues the client relationship in good standing, will probably do more business with the client in the future, and increases the likelihood that the customer will serve as a reference.

Why David likes working at EMC

After working at another consulting company for over three years, David was ready to grow beyond his current role and learn new skills. “I joined the business consulting practice for the opportunity to work on things I’ve never worked on before and to bridge the gap between a business and technology role,” says David.

“There is a unique opportunity at EMC to be put in roles and in engagements that you don’t have much experience with—and to learn on the job from a partner or SME who has the specific experience required. I’m frequently put on projects in areas where I had no prior project experience, but my manager has faith in me and my team that we can deliver, and we always do.”

“The biggest challenge I’ve had here—which is also the biggest benefit—is that when you’re put into a new role, you’re expected to hit the ground running. It’s quite a challenge to meet that expectation—I wouldn’t have it any other way! I enjoy that challenge and the opportunity I have to learn and expand my skill-set and to really contribute value to EMC and to my clients. EMC has provided a lot of investment in me in terms of training.”

David also likes the fact that at EMC, you’re not locked into a single role and you always have the opportunity to grow your current skill-set or expand to new skill-sets. “I wouldn’t even consider making a move here—there’s no need to. I’m always in a new role. I’ve a core set of skills that are applicable to a number of different fields.”

Do you want to work in EMC Consulting?

Communication is the number one skill you need for this work, according to David, and if you’re analytical, even better. “You need to talk to clients—both written and orally. You also need to be able to take complex business and technology issues and translate them into something that a lay person can understand. And it’s even more valuable if you have business and technology experience and can combine the two so you can understand if there is a business issue, what’s the technology impact, and vice versa.” Core skills, team leadership, and management capabilities are also very important.


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