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Less than 1% of data is analyzed, and over 80% unprotected.

A study sponsored by EMC revealed a growth in global data supply. According to the article, global data reached 2.8 Zettabytes in 2012 or 2.8 trillion GB. However, only 0.5% of this data is used for analysis.

In addition, volumes of Data are projected to reach 40zb by 2020 or 5, 247 GB per person with emerging economies contributing an increasing large proportion. It was discovered that all data in 2012 needed some form of protection with the three main reasons for data protection being confidentiality, such as contact lists and private documents, privacy (email addresses) and lastly custody, which if details are leaked could lead to identity fraud. Details which are deemed as high security data such as bank details and medical records are expected to overtake confidentiality within the next 8 years.

In recent times, the public sector and organizations are increasing the amounts of personal information they hold and this is expected to surpass 40% by 2020.

There is concern that the emerging markets which will contribute to having a third of the world’s data by the end of the decade have a lower rate of data protection than that on a global average.

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