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Global Collaboration and Teamwork

The EMC Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP) is globally diverse group. With members in the US, APJ, and EMEA, there is always information and hot topics to share. Collaboration and communication amongst the team members are just some of the strengths that are practiced daily.

For one week in July, the entire HRLDP Class of 2014 converged in Hopkinton, MA to welcome the incoming HRLDP class - Class of 2015. This opportunity provided the Class of 2014 to reconnect in person, share experiences, and strengthen the team bond.

Throughout the week, the two HRLDP classes participated in several team building exercises such as ice breakers, a scavenger hunt in Boston, and survival exercise scenarios. The exercises provided interactive opportunities for everyone to have open discussions together and get to know each other better.

For the HRLDP, building our team network within is extremely important for success. Especially when sharing scenarios. For example, an EMEA HRLDPer may have a case with the German Works Council, which HRLDPer’s from the US may not be aware of.

Chances are that if you have situations or questions arise that you are uncertain of, someone else in the LDP will have the knowledge or know of someone else that can assist. Having this sense of security ensures that everyone in the program will be successful.

When in our respective theatres, sharing is normally done through Telepresence calls, Movi, instant messenger, email, and phone calls. With the tools available, a strong and knowledgeable team, and HRLDPer’s eager to learn, the HRLDP will continue to be a great success.

Global Collaboration and Teamwork


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