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2013 EMC Summer Intern BBQ

Let's end the summer with a bang! A committee composed of over 15 interns and two University Relations representatives created what became The 2013 Intern Summer BBQ. With participation from over 250 interns and the University Relations staff, fun was had by all! After having an amazing lunch, the interns played a little Trivia to get the competition started. All afternoon was spent with different activities prepared by the committee ranging from watermelon eating contest, to basketball to water flip cup up to tug of war.

All the winners of each activity got raffle tickets to have the chance of winning amazing prizes; iPad mini, Kindle Fire, Bose Speakers just to name a few! But what is an EMC activity without a cause. We collected multiple donations for two charities (Project Just Because and More than Words) consisting of books, games, dvd's, school materials and toiletries.

Christopher Woedy one of EMC interns stated "I thought it was a great opportunity for interns to make connections and network with other interns while having a fun and enjoyable social environment” and LeeAnn Esposito part of the intern committee commented “Up until the Intern BBQ, I only knew the other interns on a professional level. This was the first opportunity I got to really know the people I was working with on a personal level. I value the relationships I built with these amazing people."

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