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EMC China COE: IIG Intern shares her story

Jean Yan, a college student, shares her story and experiences of the internship in China COE IIG group.

I’m here to tell stories of myself, an intern of IIG in China COE. First, I’d like to say that I love EMC’s free style very much. EMC is like my home, where I feel relaxed but full of dreams.

Not long after I was onboard, an outing to Zhejiang Province brought me quickly familiar with this big family. There are many interesting people here. I soon made friends with my teammates, my team leader, my manager and many other people.

Everyone has a lot of ideas, abilities and interesting experiences. On a personal note, I am new to cooking and the person who sits next to me is now teaching me how to cook! I also like playing ping pong and last week I won the top 8 of EMC!

EMC has a rich resource of training, clubs, tea-talks and shows. So many activities here I can’t fit them all into my week.

And just two days ago, another intern and I designed a photo wall for our Culture Wall Design Event. This is a perfect trigger to help us discover our potential in art. You can see the photos below, it’s an achievement of teamwork.


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