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Russia CoE Mentoring Program is a win-win

EMC and scholarship winners gain value from mentoring program

In March 2009, EMC, in partnership with Leonhard Euler International Charitable Foundation for Mathematics, instituted a First-Year Student Scholarship for the best freshmen of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at St. Petersburg State University. Within the bounds of this project, we chose 20 students who earned top marks on their first-year examinations.

In fall 2012, all scholarship winners will be invited to participate in the Russia CoE Mentoring Program. They will choose a mentor who is a qualified Russia CoE employee. Working with their mentor, the students will have an opportunity to develop personal as well as professional skills and understand the technical requirements for future jobs. They will participate in various seminars and present their own projects, which will help prepare them for an excellent career in IT.

Russia COE mentoring programs a win win

Russia COE mentoring programs a win win


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