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China COE: EMC IIGer, Our Life Story

"Life is meaningless. But we give meaning to it. Therefore, life is meaningful."

We give a sense of direction and meaning to life through our life stories. We make sense of our lives as a whole, understand and explain events in our lives in terms of how those events fit into our larger life stories. We establish goals and make decisions that are consistent with our stories. We weave otherwise meaningless threads of life into a tapestry full of significance and beauty.

At EMC IIG, we create and publish our own monthly magazine called IIGer. IIGer is our collective life story. The stories we tell in it are not simply chronological chains of events that happen in the workplace, but rather are integrated wholes in which events are related to one another with themes pertaining to larger organizational purposes and a sense of collective destiny.

IIGer is a story book composed of, and made more meaningful by, our individual life stories. It then in turn, makes each of our individual stories more meaningful.


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