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China COE: BRS SourceOne Shows Rapid growth in quick changing environment

There is a team, in the last six years they have grown from 5 to 45 employees. They didn’t fear the changes or challenges that come with this kind of growth. They threw all their energy into their assignments. They take initiative to generate innovative ideas. They successfully sell great ideas to product management, drive ideas to the roadmap and then production. They leverage COE resources for quick response and success.

This team has successfully grown themselves from a US extension team to another equal global engineering site in just two years. They grew up from engineer to leader and then owner. They own features and drive them to completion in releases. They became innovation engine for product line. They have more responsibilities and plan to continue to increase headcount. They continuously improve not only in their own operations, but also in their peer organization in the U.S. They are recognized as productive, efficiency, quality, enthusiasm, and commitment. They are China SourceOne team.

We are China SourceOne team!


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