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SUMMIT: And the winner in the EMC nomination is…

Grant supports future developments and innovations

29 April, 2013 – during the SUMIT Invest Session the winner project in EMC special nomination was named. The group of young people called "Rosalind" got the first prize and the EMC monetary grant for their future developments and innovation. This project is focused on making learning process in bioinformatics fun and easy by using Rosalind, a platform for learning bioinformatics through problem solving.

Rosalind offers an array of intellectually stimulating problems that grow in biological and computational complexity; each problem is checked automatically, so that the only resource required learning bioinformatics is an internet connection/ The platform promises to facilitate improvements in standard bioinformatics education by providing a vital teaching aid and a central homework resource. Rosalind is inspired by Project Euler, Google Code Jam, and the ever growing movement of free online courses. The project's name commemorates Rosalind Franklin, whose X-ray crystallography with Raymond Gosling facilitated the discovery of the DNA double helix by Watson and Crick. Their Mission statement is to inspire a new generation of bioinformatics students by attracting biologists who want to develop vital programming skills at their own pace in a unique environment as well as programmers who have never been exposed to some of the stimulating computational problems generated by molecular biology.

Russia CoE experts Vladimir Suvorov, Yuri Stotski and Artem Zarafyants took part in the SUMIT startup-school mentoring project in EMC nomination and providing them technical expertise support.

We hope EMC will further develop partnership with the winner-project and develop our win-win collaboration in the future.


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