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From Corporate to Start-up: an HRLDP experience

The HRLDP is a one-of-a-kind program that provides exposure to leadership and to various Human Resources functions to recent college graduates.

As the first HRLDP participant in the West Coast located in California, I have had the opportunity to work in unique rotations. My first rotation was at the BRS (Backup Recovery Systems) Division in Santa Clara. I have recently started my second rotation at Pivotal, a start up that is a part of the EMC federation.

Working for a startup is very different because start ups are created to disrupt an existing space- to change something completely. Change is much more rapid and my role as a result is constantly evolving. The sense of innovation and excitement is always in the air-including the HR department.

To be a true strategic partner for the business, HR has to continuously improve and create various processes and systems to aid Pivotal employees in their success. With my team, we are streamlining current processes to make them more efficient. Even early in my career, I’ve been involved in projects that make a difference in the organization.

It is great being part of the Pivotal HR team and witnessing Pivotal grow as a company.


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