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Polytechnik-EMC opened in St. Petersburg

In February 2014 EMC’s St. Petersburg Development Center (EMC) and St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbSPU) formally opened the educational and scientific center ‘Polytechnik-EMC’ based within the Institute of Information Technology and Management. The new center will be focused on teaching EMC’s Academic Alliance training courses, aimed at equipping highly qualified personnel in areas of information storage and processing systems according to EMC standards, and also as a support center for promising students and joint research.

The EMC Academic Alliance Program is one of the key areas of the EMC and SPbSPU cooperation. Opening the scientific and educational center will allow the University to offer theoretical and practical courses in accordance with EMC Academic Alliance standards. Additionally, the center will create an educational base to obtain EMC Proven Professional certifications and EMC Academic Associate certifications for SPbSPU professors and students.

The center will actively support the development of talented students in EMC Academic Alliance courses through collaborative student projects and internship opportunities, organized by EMC’s St. Petersburg Development Center. In addition, the center’s resource base will aid collaborative research projects between EMC and SPbSPU.

"While opening the Polytechnik-EMC Center, we can see the undisputed potential in the further development of EMC’s relationship with the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. The center foundation is the result of a successful long-term collaboration, and we look forward to providing new educational opportunities within the scientific center," said Vyacheslav Nesterov, General Manager, EMC St. Petersburg Development Center.

"It is very important for the local scientific community and for me personally that EMC, a world leader in storage management and top-notch IT technologies, decided to strengthen its collaboration with SPbSPU, a leading national research university in program engineering, storage management and big data analytics, by opening the educational and scientific center "Polytechnik-EMC". The newly opened center will become a place to train talent for the IT industry, to run R&D programs and to educate university tutors on leading EMC technologies. I hope that the center will support the realization of the "5-100-2020 Program" and implementation of world educational standards in SW engineering CDIO. I thank EMC for their trust and cooperation", adds President of St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University proff. Andrey I. Rudskoy.

“Driving innovation is one of the key priorities for all EMC Centers of Excellence and EMC as a company. EMC has its finger on the pulse of technology and innovation, and has a clear vision that a lion`s share of innovative ideas come from the scientific and academia ecosystem of universities”, says Dr. Orna Berry, Corporate Vice President and the General Manager of the EMC Center of Excellence in Israel, who led EMC’s involvement in the grand opening ceremony of the Scientific and Educational Center. “I am very proud that EMC today opens its Science and Education Center in one of the oldest technical universities of St. Petersburg which will undoubtedly strengthen the overall climate of innovation and our cooperation”.

The Polytechnik-EMC crew


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