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Start your journey to a career in innovation as a GS Associate Project Manager

A look inside the GSAP APM role and Boot Camp…


The APM is responsible for managing the life cycle of EMC projects. They are responsible for the development and execution of an implementation plan that articulates the role of EMC in the delivery of the designed solution as well as monitoring post-sales work being conducted by EMC to ensure timely completions that maximize customer satisfaction.

Boot Camp Length: 5 Weeks
Location: Franklin, Massachusetts


What was life like in Franklin, Massachusetts?

"Franklin, Massachusetts is approximately 40 minutes outside Boston and Providence and has a variety of local restaurants, shopping outlets, and other activities in close proximity."

What was the GSAP Boot Camp training experience like?

"GSAP provided the perfect platform to become acclimated to EMC’s culture, core values and expectations. It provided a good technical foundation, EMC and PMI project management methodology, EMC business etiquette and presentation skill training."

Describe what you got out of your interaction with your Boot Camp peers?

"Interaction with my peers was the best part of the Boot Camp training experience. Everyone in the training introduced themselves to each other the first morning at the hotel, and the relationships just grew from there. We had a good time in class together. We studied at the hotel together in study groups. We all went out together. We tried to include everyone in every activity. We were together most of the time because everyone was interested in hanging out with each other after work and on the weekends."

"I interacted mostly with my GSAP Boot Camp colleagues in study groups where we helped each other to pass the Information Storage Management (ISM) Certification. We assisted each other which helped make the Boot Camp experience a very positive environment and experience. It was also really refreshing to have classmates from such a diverse cultural background. Another thing that was cool was we also had the opportunity to meet and get to know EMC colleagues from other Boot Camp trainings going on at the same time."

What should a new Associate coming into the GSAP ACSE Boot Camp training expect?

You will join GSAP as an Associate. You will be part of an established program that continually evaluates your performance, areas of development and grooms you for advancement. The goal is that upon graduation of the program, you will be ready to promote to the next job level.

What is required for program graduation?

"You should have an open mind and a willingness to learn and push yourself. The expectation is that you should pass our ISM and ITIL Certification in Boot Camp, even though you can pass them in the field. It is expected you leverage your resources in Boot Camp. You will need to learn about EMC. You will be expected to learn how to navigate EMC internal websites and find tools and resources on these websites. You will also need to get all of your deliverables in on time, put your time worked into the system, and hand in your expense report on a weekly basis. You will also need to learn how to create SMART goals and conduct effective meetings."


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