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EMC Russia COE supports global Earth day

Saint-Petersburg CoE prepares for the Global Earth Day. The focus of this global event is sharing information and increasing awareness among employees of our possible contribution to the Earth, environment protection and our sustainable future on this Planet.

At EMC Russia COE the activities devoted to the Global Earth Day will take place on the 20th of April. Any employee can choose the most suitable way to contribute: either to eat only vegetarian food on that day, or to go by bicycle or use public transport and leave his car at home, or to participate in a clear-up event or to plant trees in a socially important territory. We can also make our office more responsive to our world and bring one plant to decorate it or place a picture with Saint-Petersburg surroundings at our white walls. In the frames of Global Day we also want to introduce Eco Photo Contest devoted to Saint- Petersburg’s Nature. The term of participation is to present a photo of the city’s nature made by EMC’s employee.

We’re sure that conductance of this event will help all EMC’s employees to understand the importance of everything we do or we don’t do for our Earth. Just because our Earth is our common house and this is our common responsibility to keep it clean and sustainable.

Earth Day


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