RSA helps organizations confidently secure identities and information access. With industry-leading security solutions, RSA protects more than 400 million user identities, safeguards trillions of business transactions annually, and manages the confidentiality of data in tens of thousands of applications worldwide. By protecting critical resources from unauthorized access and helping businesses achieve regulatory compliance.

Security Analyst Frost and Sullivan – You Don’t Have to Be The Target with Effective Authentication

In its Executive Brief, security industry analyst Frost & Sullivan examines why any organization can be a target, and how robust authentication from leading global vendor RSA is a proven strategy for reducing your vulnerability. RSA’s breadth of form factors – including Risk-Based Authentication – is just one aspect that sets RSA solutions apart. The insightful content focuses on: Why even secure passwords aren’t enough, what makes an organization a target, four key areas that impact the IT security environment and how successful companies are using RSA to solve their authentication challenges. Including AM8.1

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There are many authentication methods, solutions offering their own advantages – by using this methodology to identify which authentication tool/solution is right for your business/organization by providing some input about your organization and your will receive a full report guiding your authentication decisions/needs

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