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Address the challenges faced by energy and engineering companies with information intelligence.

With the increased demand for energy from an aging infrastructure, companies search for ways to better manage complex construction projects while increasing the safety and profitability of refineries, mines, power plants, and utility networks.

Oil and Gas

Reduce exploration costs, increase recovery from aging wells, boost plant efficiency, minimize risk of catastrophic events, and streamline compliance processes.

See IDC Oil & Gas Risk report
Oil and Gas


Optimize the efficiency of aging infrastructure, protect the public and the environment, retain critical content and processes through staffing changes, and comply with regulations.

See IDC Nuclear Power report


Better manage complex construction projects, streamline compliance processes for mining operations, reduce exploration costs, and increase the safety and profitability of mines.

Featured: Codelco

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Accelerate project set-up, improve plant handover, and ensure environment health and safety compliance while optimizing plant management.

IDC Energy Projects report Ovum ALIM report
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

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