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Deliver IT as a service.
EMC VPLEX makes Virtual Storage a reality with its ability to federate information across multiple data centers. Virtual Storage enables new approaches for delivering IT as a flexible, efficient, and reliable service. The combination of Virtual Storage and virtual servers is a critical enabler for the journey to the private cloud.                                             Customize & Quote
vplex/gelsinger-virtual-storage.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-gelsinger-virtual-storage.jpg EMC's Vision for Virtual Storage Hear Pat Gelsinger, EMC president and COO, Information Infrastructure Products, describe the next generation of data centers.
vplex/woo-virtual-storage-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-woo-virtual-storage-vplex.jpg IDC: EMC VPLEX and Its Impact on Virtual Storage Join Benjamin Woo, IDC's vice president, Enterprise Storage Systems, for an analysis of how EMC VPLEX enables Virtual Storage.
Leverage distributed federation.
With VPLEX's unique distributed federation, your data can be accessed and shared among locations over synchronous distances. The VPLEX architecture combines scale-out clustering with distributed cache coherence intelligence to enable data mobility between EMC and non-EMC platforms within, across, and between data centers.                 Customize & Quote
vplex/gallagher-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-gallagher-vplex.jpg Introducing the EMC VPLEX Next-Generation Architecture Hear Brian Gallagher, EMC president, Symmetrix and Virtualization Product Group, describe the architecture for data mobility and information access.
vplex/aol-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-aol-vplex.jpg AOL on EMC VPLEX Hear AOL's Will Stevens and Dan Pollack describe how EMC VPLEX helps AOL effectively manage its cloud computing environment.
vplex/melbourne-it-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-melbourne-it-vplex.jpg Melbourne IT on EMC VPLEX Hear Melbourne IT's Chief Technology Officer, Glenn Gore, explain how EMC VPLEX helps transform the company's data centers to virtual data centers.
Gain mobility for virtual machines and data.
The combination of EMC VPLEX and VMware VMotion enables you to effectively distribute applications and their data across multiple hosts over synchronous distances. With Virtual Storage and virtual servers working together over distance, your infrastructure can provide load balancing, real-time remote data access, and improved application protection.
vplex/vmotion-vplex-demo.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-vmotion-vplex-demo.jpg Demo: VMotion Over Distance with EMC VPlex See VPLEX in action, migrating applications and their data with VMotion Over Distance.
vplex/peters-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-peters-vplex.jpg ESG: Breaking Barriers with VPLEX and VMotion Hear Mark Peters, senior analyst with ESG, assess how EMC VPLEX with VMotion Over Distance removes physical barriers that have governed IT practices for years.
vplex/herrod-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-herrod-vplex.jpg VMware and EMC - The Value of EMC VPLEX in the Virtual Data Center Hear from Stephen Herrod, VMWare CTO and senior VP for R&D, about the breakthrough technology that allows dynamic application and data movement over distance.
Hear what our partners say about VPLEX.
Learn about the impact of EMC VPLEX on the IT industry and partner technologies, and discover how EMC collaborates with strategic partners to deliver innovation and value to our joint customers.
vplex/mchugh-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-mchugh-vplex.jpg John McHugh VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Brocade
vplex/blomquist-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-blomquist-vplex.jpg Walt Blomquist VP, Systems Architecture and Strategy Unit, Cisco
vplex/skaugen-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-skaugen-vplex.jpg Kirk Skaugen VP and GM, Data Center Group, Intel
vplex/herrod-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-herrod-vplex.jpg Dr. Stephen Herrod CTO and Senior VP, R&D, VMware
vplex/schwartz-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-schwartz-vplex.jpg Jim Schwartz Director of Virtualization Solutions, Microsoft
vplex/coekaerts-vplex.mp4 /campaign/global/vplex/images/video-coekaerts-vplex.jpg Wim Coekarts SVP of Linux and Virtualization Technologies, Oracle
EMC and Intel
Storage Forward: EMC and Intel deliver powerful, efficient Virtual Storage solutions that reduce the costs of storing and protecting information for organizations of all sizes.

EMC VPLEX Features

  • Scale-out clustering — Start small and grow big.
  • Advanced data caching — Minimize latency.
  • Distributed cache coherence — Extend over synchronous distances.

Introducing EMC VPLEX

See how EMC VPLEX makes Virtual Storage a reality.

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