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Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud

Cloud computing offers the promise of dramatic improvements in business agility and IT efficiency. The key to capturing this promise lies in effective "work load right-sourcing," which trusted, enterprise-class cloud service providers can enable. EMC is committed to the enablement and long-term success of these service providers.

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EMC, Number One for Cloud Service Providers

The EMC Business Partner Program for Cloud Service Providers is a cornerstone of EMC’s cloud initiative. EMC Cloud Service Providers offer their customers leading as-a-service solutions powered by EMC technology.

The objective is to ensure customer success while growing the service provider’s business with cooperative partnerships across the organizations in a “sell-with” model. Together, EMC and EMC Cloud Service Providers offer a consolidated customer-focused approach to designing, architecting, and running an environment that coordinates private cloud with compatible off-premises workload services to form a hybrid cloud strategy.

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Service Providers for the Enterprise
Increase revenue, share, and profit with an enterprise cloud-based offering.
Service Providers for Small and Medium Businesses
Capture the small and mid-sized opportunity with cloud-based services.
Service Provider Automation and Management
Employ a new mindset to manage complex service delivery infrastructures.
Governance in the Cloud
Learn about information governance in the cloud and service provider opportunities.
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