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Become a Cloud Service Provider

EMC Business Partner Program for Cloud Service Providers Overview

The EMC Business Partner Program for Cloud Service Providers provides EMC Powered solutions to meet your customer’s current and future needs by enabling you to build your cloud solutions on EMC infrastructure. This track of the EMC Business Partner Program is designed to help you gain a competitive edge by building new revenue streams, accelerating time-to-service, and extending your marketing and sales resources.

Business partners must meet specific requirements for each tier (Silver, Gold, or Platinum). The program requirements, combined with EMC support and resources, ensure that you have the knowledge and training to adopt a new service development process to grow your business and differentiate your cloud offerings in the marketplace.

Value of BPP to CSP and Customer

With the focus on providing market-relevant, best-in-class cloud products and solutions to meet your customers’ needs and to differentiate your offerings in the marketplace, EMC’s Business Partner Program puts business partners at the leading edge of Solutions-as-a-Service.

The EMC Business Partner Program for Cloud Service Providers supports your business with training, marketing and sales resources, and other benefits to help you generate demand for your solutions built on EMC infrastructure, and positions your company to address your customers’ cloud and off-premises workload challenges.


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