Redefine IT With Platforms and Flash (Business Session)

This session provides a high level view of EMC's Flash strategy across the product portfolio. We will discuss the key capabilities and provide a high level overview of the products in the EMC portfolio that leverage flash technologies to provide the best balance of performance and cost at any scale and any workload. From our industry leading XtremIO All-Flash Array, to our VNX and VMAX hybrid arrays, and our groundbreaking DSSD flash storage, EMC offers industry leading products for every use case.

XtremIO All-Flash Array: Transforming Your Workloads, Enabling The Agile Data Center

This session provides an update on XtremIO and how it is transforming customers' workloads for agility and tremendous TCO and business benefits. With customer examples and best practices, we will discuss the use cases and benefits for consolidating mixed workloads across database, analytics, business apps, and hybrid cloud. We will also explore customer examples of how these transformed workflows for real-time analytics and agile dev/ops. Specific best practices will include converged infrastructure VSPEX & Vblock, in-memory copy services, data reduction, virtualization, and QoS.

Hybrid Cloud

Identifying The Right Kind Of Hybrid Cloud For Your Business

There are many ways hybrid cloud can help your business, but what are the best ways? Solely to deliver infrastructure? Platforms? Enable DevOps? Join us and we’ll help you identify the right way to apply hybrid cloud to your business. First, by learning how others have done it, and then by learning how EMC can help you do it.

Are You Looking To Run SAP In The Cloud? Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud For SAP May Right For You

Many companies depend on SAP to run their business. The challenge is that as much as 70% of IT resources focus on just "keeping the lights on" at a time when the business is demanding faster innovation, further stressing IT. Join this session to learn how EMC approaches reinvigorate IT for legacy SAP landscapes, including getting ready to run SAP in a cloud.

Data Lakes

EMC Redefining Big Data

The path to competitive advantage is being able to make predictions from Big Data. Therefore, the more you can build predictive analytics into your business processes, the more data driven and successful your organization will become. Organizations must first identify ripe use cases for Big Data and build out a roadmap for business transformation. Organizations must then take a low risk, best-of-breed approach to quickly transform from a rigid, siloed infrastructure to modern, agile one. In addition to technology, organizations must develop the skills and organizational processes necessary to adopt Big Data and become data-driven.

Create a Data Lake Foundation: How Isilon and ECS Manage Unstructured Data and Deliver Business Insight

A successful data lake strategy starts with the right storage foundation. This session describes how EMC Isilon and the EMC ECS appliance serve as massively scalable, cost-effective data lake foundations. You'll learn the different strengths of Isilon and ECS appliance and how each platform uniquely addresses the challenges of unstructured content growth while eliminating data silos. You will learn about tools for managing unstructured data and how to eliminate time consuming processes (ingesting, opening, and tagging data). You'll also learn how to deliver business value from your Data Lake by leveraging tools like Hadoop to provide insight and business intelligence.

How To Design Your Data Lake For Hadoop & Splunk

Come find out what makes EMC the leader in storage for Big Data Hadoop Analytics and Splunk. This lecture reviews the major benefits of using Isilon, ECS, and other Emerging Technology capabilities as a storage infrastructure for Hadoop. In addition, this session also reviews unique feature sets, reduced footprint, cost advantages, and performance improvements.

Converged Infrastructure

EMC Redefining Converged Infrastructure: Proven, Flexible And Simple Converged Infrastructure Offerings To Enable Business Transformation

With the persistent call for cloud-readiness and rapid deployment of workloads, converged infrastructure (CI) systems, which combine compute, network, and storage resources, provide a fast track to bringing your infrastructure to the next level. Come learn about how you can match the right CI system to your application need. There many options for deploying infrastructure. Whether you need choice and flexibility, stability and predictability, low cost and simplicity, or cloudscale, EMC has a portfolio of CI products that are redefining the market and enabling business to take the next step in innovation.

Accelerate Time To Market, Simplify Management, And Deploy A Hybrid Cloud With VCE Vblock

Analyst firm Gartner Research reports that 75% of large enterprises will deploy hybrid cloud by the end of 2015. In this session VCE will discuss how the Vblock System Architecture enables an accelerated time to market with increased application mobility and simplified management for the hybrid cloud.

Taming Structured And Unstructured Data With SAP HANA Running On VCE Vblock Systems. The Defacto Choice For Convergence.

Dealing with enormous data growth is a key challenge for IT organizations today. This is fueled by the explosion of unstructured data from 3rd platform applications such as Big Data, social, mobile, and cloud. IT is rapidly collecting, analyzing, and keeping vast amounts of data for longer periods of time. Managing growth for both structured and unstructured data has led to new approaches that include SAP HANA platform running on converged infrastructures. Businesses that have adopted this approach are reaping a 84% ROI with average 11 payback.

Dev Ops

Why DevOps Is Critical To Your Business

To win at business in a world dominated by social, mobile, analytics and cloud, the business needs to go faster. Be able to explain to your executives the economic basics of why DevOps is critical to drive the speed necessary to use technology to win in your industry.

DevOps Is A Reorg: How To Accelerate The Change

Change is the constant in business, but making changes take time. Learn how to accelerate the changes need to enable a DevOps culture in your business, enabling IT to provide greater value to the bottom-line.


Cisco Session: Enabling Fast IT

Efficiency, Speed and Disruption with Cisco Data Center and Cloud Solutions: The world is changing quickly. Are you ready? The digital transformation is turning traditional business models on their heads as we see rapid proliferation of devices, mobile apps, and data. This change is placing your data center under enormous pressure. The digital world requires policy-driven infrastructure, flexible cloud consumption models, and data analytics to promote positive business outcomes and unlock the Internet of Everything. This session will present the Cisco Data Center and Cloud Strategy, which will help your business transform and capture new opportunities in an increasingly digital world.

Using InfoArchive To Accelerate Your Move To The Third Platform

The ability to accelerate your move to the 3rd Platform resides in your legacy applications. If your enterprise is like most, 70 percent of your IT budget is spent to support legacy applications. This session will show you how to repurpose budget by decommissioning your legacy applications and how one EMC client reinvested $3.8M by decommissioning just one application. Join us for this session to learn more about how you can fund your move to 3rd Platform through application decommissioning.

VNX And VMAX: A Proven Hybrid Cloud Storage Foundation

Learn how customers and service providers are leveraging VNX & VMAX hybrid flash arrays to provide a great foundation for their private and hybrid clouds. We will discuss how VPLEX and ViPR can be used to simplify and automate storage and how we plug into and manage VMware and Microsoft virtualization environments.

Convergence And Consolidation For Lower TCO With VMAX

VMAX3 is more than just tieri1 storage. VMAX3 is the world’s first Enterprise Data Services Platform – enabling customers to leverage VMAX3’s trusted data services across their entire infrastructure and automate service level delivery across all workloads. And based on this infrastructure, VMAX3 allows enterprise customers to modernize their data centers and converge business critical systems into a single powerful, trusted and agile platform.

Transforming Your Database Environments With EMC

According to a 2014 IT Resource Strategies Survey, over 65% of customers today feel they spend too much time and budget maintaining existing database environments. This session will review key technologies from EMC to help bridge the gap between storage teams & DBAs to improve overall IT productivity up to 50%. Detailed Solutions and case studies will be shared incorporating EMC flash technologies as well as backup and data protection.

Software-Defined Storage Strategies For The Agile Datacenter

Customers are facing many challenges with addressing the dynamic needs of users and applications while storage architectures continue to evolve at a rapid pace. A fundamental building block of the next-generation data center design relies on adopting a software-defined approach. This session explores options and strategies to leverage software-defined storage to deliver optimum service with agility and efficiency. Learn how to easily deploy and support next generation web applications and why software defined storage provides the flexibility required for software development, operations, and management in the modern datacenter. EMC enabling solutions include ViPR, ECS Appliance and ScaleIO.

What’s New With Data Protection Suite

The industry’s leading Data Protection Suite is providing even more value in 2015. This session brings you up to date on new backup, archiving and recovery optimizations for virtual environments, applications, databases, plus new integration with EMC solutions. All these operate across private, hybrid, and public cloud deployments. New capabilities to increase your visibility into your data protection infrastructure including global search across backup catalogs.

Data Protection For Hybrid Cloud

It’s 2015 and your data is spread across local storage, laptops, mobile devices, and public clouds. This creates challenges in trying to protect everything, regardless of where the data lives, so it is there when the business needs it. In this session, you’ll learn about CloudBoost, new cloud enabling technology from EMC as well as a management platform built for the hybrid cloud and more.

ECS Appliance Architecture Explained

This session is a deep dive into ECS Appliance state-of-the-art architecture and how it works inside and out. Learn about ECS Appliance’s Geo-capabilities and how to design your own highly available web scale architecture. Topics including ECS Appliance’s write, reads, and object storage capabilities are discussed in detail.

Introducing “Project Caspian”: EMC's New Open Source Based Private Cloud System For IaaS

Case Studies: Running Petabyte Sized Clusters In The Real World

Isilon Scale-Out NAS is capable of scaling to 144 nodes and 40PB of unstructured data in a single, space sharing namespace. This session shares lessons learned from running such deployments in demanding real-world environments. One topic of particular interest to customers operating at large scale is the management of free space on their clusters. This session explains the elements to be considered in such a discussion and provides guidance to help strike the best balance between operational efficiency and business risk. Customer use cases are included in this session.

Brocade Session: Redefining Storage Connectivity for the 3rd Platform

EMC and Brocade are redefining storage connectivity for IP and Fibre Channel storage to enable the journey to the 3rd platform. Whether it a XtremeIO AFA with FC SAN’s or a Big Data Hadoop application with Isilon Scale-out NAS, Brocade Storage Fabrics with Fabric Vison is required to accelerate your deployments and dramatically reduce operational costs.


Mainframe: EMC Storage Solutions Vision and Strategy for z Systems

Join members of the EMC Mainframe business & technical leadership team for a discussion of the Mainframe Storage market and where it is heading. EMC will share its vision on trends in storage technology and management and share how our products are being designed to meet these future demands.

VMAX Mainframe Performance update: Turbocharging Your Mission-Critical Infrastructure with zBoostTM and zBoostTM PAV Optimizer

What's the latest news on VMAX performance? This session discusses zBoost and zBoost PAV Optimizer, the two most recent performance updates now available for VMAX. Among the enhancement are improved job elapsed time, full support for zHPF, better response time and IOPS improvement designed to turbocharge your VMAX for Mainframe workloads.

Disk Library for mainframe (DLm) concepts, product & performance update

Have you heard about the Tape replacement solution that launched a tapeless revolution in Mainframe primary & data protection storage? Perhaps you have a DLm and want to know more about the latest enhancements in function and performance? Join us for an informative hour dedicated to Mainframe tape processing.

FAST: Game-changing storage Tiering for the mainframe

Fully Automated Storage Tiering has a proven track record of providing improved response times and overall storage cost savings. This session reviews enhancements since its introduction and discusses best practices within the shifting economics of Mainframe storage.

Mainframe: Birds Of A Feather discuss EMC Storage

You're invited to discuss EMC’s Mainframe initiatives focusing on Storage, Software & Integration in an open forum with Product Management, Development, Marketing & our CTO.  Input and ideas for product enhancements and requirements going forward in the areas of management, business continuance, security, connectivity as well as tape and DASD use cases are welcome.


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