EMC Forum 2012 – Transform: IT + Business + Yourself

Get ready for EMC Forum 2012: the one-day conference that aims to transform the way you see the future of business, IT – and yourself.

  • Learn why cloud computing and virtualisation are key to mastering the new IT realities.
  • Find out how you can unlock the value in Big Data for your business.
  • Discover the knowledge, skills and support that will transform you to meet the challenges ahead.

EMC Forum is a unique opportunity to connect and network with your peers in the region. You'll hear local and international insights from high caliber keynote speakers and presenters, and case studies featuring the latest integrated solutions from EMC and our partners. To complete the package, a hand-picked selection of our partners will be exhibiting their products, and EMC will be showcasing solutions at our Demo Center.

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Jeremy Burton, Executive Vice President, Product Operations and Marketing, EMC
Jeremy Burton is responsible for cross-business-unit product operations, corporate go-to-market functions, OEM and volume channel initiatives, and Global Marketing for EMC. Burton focuses on extending EMC's presence and relevance on the world stage, building and guiding EMC's global reputation and brand, and further enabling the success of the company's sales teams and partner ecosystem.



August 21, 2012


8:00 am
5:00 pm




Long Beach Convention Center
300 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90802
United States

EMC Forums Agenda - Long Beach

Welcome and Keynote "Transform IT + Business + Yourself"
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Building an Efficient and Flexible Virtual Infrastructure
Transforming Storage: An EMC Overview
Virtualizing Mission Critical Apps
Transforming Backup and Recovery
Big Data Transforms Business
Increase Your Business Agility by Delivering IT as a Service
Networking for the Virtual Enterprise
Sponsor: Brocade
Transform SAP Leveraging Cloud & Big Data
EMC Backup Meets Big Data - Strategies to Protect Greenplum, Isilon, and Teradata Systems
EMC Isilon Scale-out Storage is Ready to Transform Business
VSPEX: Choice Without Complexity
Transforming Midrange Storage: VNX and VNXe
3 Paths to the Cloud
Sponsor: Cisco
Drive Business Transformation throught IT Transformation - Journey to the Cloud
Sponsor: VMware
Active Active Datacenters, How do I Get There?
Sponsor: WWT
VCE Vblock: The Simplest and Fastest Path to Your Cloud
Accelerating Storage Transformation: VMAX and VPLEX
Delivering Higher Performance and Availability in an Oracle Environment
Backup Built for Your Virtual Environment
Introduction to Big Data Analytics


Building an Efficient and Flexible Virtual Infrastructure

Cloud computing transforms IT, delivering dramatically higher IT efficiency and agility. An automated private cloud is the first step – creating a dynamic pool of compute, network and storage resources Virtualization is the foundation to this dynamic pool leading up to a private cloud. Choosing the right infrastructure that is scalable, flexible and efficient is critical to a successful virtualization environment.

Increase your business agility by delivering IT as a service

Many organizations have highly virtualized IT infrastructure but have yet to re-architect processes to deliver IT-as-a-Service. This session discusses the required changes to move to service-based delivery and consumption model for IT: service catalogs, automation, provisioning, reporting, management and more. See how EMC IT was able to get transform itself to achieve exceptional efficiency and time to service metrics.

VSPEX: Choice Without Complexity

VSPEX is a complete virtualization solution, proven by EMC and packaged and delivered by partners. VSPEX gives you the power to choose the technology in your solution while removing the complexity and risk that typically comes with designing, integrating and deploying a best-of-breed solution. Learn from EMC and our channel partners how VSPEX is making it easier than ever to get to your private cloud.

VCE Vblock: The Simplest and Fastest Path To Your Cloud

VCE, through the Vblock platform, delivers the industry's simplest and fastest path to the Cloud. Pre-engineered and pre-built, so that there’s nothing for customers to integrate and assemble, Vblock dramatically reduces the cost of IT while minimizing time to market for customers. Turn your IT organization into a driver of business value by implementing the Vblock platform. Join us and learn how.

Transforming Storage: An EMC Overview

EMC offers the broadest portfolio of purpose built storage platforms. Learn how EMC’s latest storage family enhancements can help you transform your storage infrastructure.

Networking for the Virtual Enterprise Sponsor: Brocade

This Session will review the latest in storage networking protocols for EMC storage platforms. Topics include new architecture for scaling SAN fabrics, new features for enhancing SAN metro connectivity, and powerful new capabilities for enhancing SAN Management. We will also review Ethernet Fabric architectures for FCOE, iSCSI and NAS.

Transforming Midrange Storage: VNX and VNXe

EMC VNXe and VNX have brought customers unprecedented CapEx/OpEx savings, while winning more than a dozen product-of-the-year awards. Learn about upcoming VNX Family enhancements that will transform how unified storage is deployed, managed, and integrated into VMware environments. With just a little Flash, you can transform your enterprise.

Accelerating Storage Transformation: VMAX & VPLEX

CIOs are increasingly embracing the Hybrid Cloud as the opportunity to run their businesses smarter and more efficiently. To help them meet the many challenges they’ll face in moving to the Cloud, EMC is defining and delivering products and technologies to enable this transformative journey. Come see EMC’s pace-setting products—VMAX, VPLEX, and RecoverPoint—and how they work together to accelerate transformation to the Hybrid Cloud.

Virtualizing Mission Critical Apps

A key phase in the customers journey to the cloud is virtualizing their mission critical apps to get even higher efficiency and a business agility. Keynote style presentation that highlights the need to virtualize mission critical applications, the challenges and EMC solutions that offer increased efficiencies and performance while virtualizing mission critical applications

Transform SAP Leveraging Cloud & Big Data

SAP customers are transforming their environment to ensure business agility, lower TCO and simplified SAP landscape management to accelerate SAP deployments. Learn why customers can reduce business risk and ensure scalability with continuous access to their mission-critical information leveraging Cloud and Big Data technologies. Together, VMware and EMC, are taking a leadership role within the SAP community focusing on IT transformation of SAP applications to extract the highest ROI from your SAP investment to simplify and accelerate SAP deployments. Learn how customers are transforming their business by harnessing the power of information to make real time business decisions by implementing architectures that are allowing them to gain control over their SAP Cloud and Big Data environments.

3 Paths to the Cloud - Sponsor: Cisco

Cloud computing represents a new model for IT – enabling IT to run as a service. Cisco and EMC are collaborating to offer customers a choice of industry-leading virtual infrastructure architectures that can transform your IT: Build Your Own; Reference architectures through VSPEX; Vblock - Converged infrastructure through joint venture VCE

Delivering higher performance and availability in an Oracle Environment

Many IT Organizations are driving the adoption of cloud computing by consolidating servers and storage onto shared infrastructure. Come to this session to learn how Oracle Databases can be successfully consolidated onto cloud environments while managing system resources to maintain SLAs and increasing performance and availability of your Oracle environment. Topics in this session include resource pooling, virtualization and dynamic provisioning. the business and technical challenges faced; migration procedures; and resulting benefits.

Transforming Backup and Recovery

By transforming your backup, recovery & archive strategy you can manage unrelenting data growth and your virtualization journey. In this session we will detail important market trends and describe how to accelerate your backup and archive transformation.

EMC Backup Meets Big Data - Strategies to Protect Greenplum, Isilon and Teradata Systems

Big data environments suffer from the same backup challenges as traditional environments- not meeting backup windows, inefficient and expensive disaster recovery - only bigger. These rapidly growing environments require next generation backup and recovery. This session explores how EMC backup solutions provide faster, more efficient backup for Isilon, Greenplum and Teradata.

Drive Business Transformation throught IT Transformation - Journey to the Cloud - Sponsor: VMware

Transform your Business with VMware solutions and technology. VMware helps transform your business, whether you are at the beginning or somewhere in between. VMware helps you differentiate your business by addressing IT infrastructure, applications or end-user computing. Join us for this session and learn how VMware can reduce complexity, lower costs and gain greater flexibility, and transform your business - right now!

Backup Built for Your Virtual Environment

Don't let traditional backup become the bottleneck to your virtualization strategy. Learn how EMC's backup and recovery solutions can transformation backup and recovery in your VMware and Hyper-V environments.

Big Data Transforms Business

Businesses that can exploit Big Data to improve their strategy and execution will distance themselves from competitors. However, Big Data cannot be handled by traditional IT infrastructures due to its petabyte scale, multi-source and real-time characteristics. A new approach is needed. Attend this session and learn the new approach to Big Data enabling you to gain insights and transform into a predictive enterprise.

EMC Isilon Scale-out Storage is Ready to Transform Business

A torrent of unstructured data demands innovative ways for enterprises to manage, protect, store and extract value from their endlessly growing information. Come see EMC Isilon’s industry-leading scale-out storage technology and how it enables enterprises to scale their storage environments simply, efficiently, and cost-effectively to meet the most demanding growth curves and business needs.

Active Datacenters, How do I Get There? - Sponsor: World Wide Technology

World Wide Technology's (WWT) Resilient Active Data Center (RAD) demo is designed to show you how RAD architectures can dramatically decrease or eliminate downtime by using an alternate Active Data Center during outages and upgrades to your primary Data Center by using technology from EMC, Cisco and VMware.

Introduction to Big Data Analytics

Big Data transforms business through enabling a 360 customer view, reducing risks and improving operational efficiencies. Attend this session and learn about Big Data analytics use cases as well as the technology behind the analytics: Greenplum. The Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform or UAP fuses the co-processing of structured and unstructured data with a with a social media-inspired analytical collaboration environment called Chorus. Learn how Greenplum UAP enables Big Data analytics enabling you to transform your business.


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