Protecting your valuable data and intellectual property is critical in today’s increasingly mobile environment and rising cyber threats. 

RSA, the Security Division of EMC, offers a wide range of solutions to protect and secure your information, yet make it accessible to those who need it. RSA provides solutions that:

  • Ensure authentication with a wide range of choices for assuring identities to a system, resource, information, or a transaction based on risk.
  • Prevent data loss and discover, monitor, and protect sensitive data from loss or misuse, whether in a data center, on the network, or out at the endpoints.
  • Support compliance with security information and event management (SIEM) to transform raw log data into critical information to meet your compliance, security, and IT and network goals.
  • Prevent fraud and protect against identity theft and other external threats targeting customers—regardless of the channel they choose to conduct their business.
  • Integrate information management and storage technologies with physical security and video surveillance network devices to provide enterprise-class protection for your facilities, personnel, and physical assets.

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Accelerate seismic data access up to six times for applications like:

Schlumberger Petrel and Landmark Seisworks logo

The EMC Exploration and Production Infrastructure (EPI) solution with EMC Upstream Application Accelerator (UAA) for oil and gas addresses your upstream oil and gas challenges. 

Our EPI solution has been validated with industry-leading interpretation and analysis applications by Schlumberger, Halliburton/Landmark, and others.

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