Accelerate discovery and optimize production in oil and gas with the global leader in information management.

Deployed in over 95 percent of the oil and gas companies in the Forbes Global 2000, EMC solutions will energize the way you use your information, so you can:

  • Accelerate application performance with data access rates up to six times faster than traditional NAS.
  • Lower operational risk and ensure environmental, safety, and health regulatory compliance.
  • Store, manage, secure, and protect your ever-growing data sets with the most cost-effective and efficient storage environment.
  • Support collaboration and self-service.
  • Streamline operations, reduce operating costs, minimize downtime, and mitigate risk.



Webcast: The End of Easy Oil

Hear IDC Energy Insights’ latest predictions for E&P – and learn how EMC Exploration and Production Infrastructure with Upstream Application Accelerator Technology can help you move beyond traditional NAS.
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Solution: Exploration and Production Infrastructure

Discover a solid infrastructure that enables Schlumberger and Landmark applications on Windows and UNIX/Linux.
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Assessment: Where are your E&P files?

Automatically discover the location of all your data assets – including petrotechnical application files – with the Data Storage Profiling Service from EMC and Schlumberger.
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Solution Focus

Accelerate seismic data access up to six times for applications like:

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The EMC Exploration and Production Infrastructure (EPI) solution with EMC Upstream Application Accelerator (UAA) for oil and gas addresses your upstream oil and gas challenges. 

Our EPI solution has been validated with industry-leading interpretation and analysis applications by Schlumberger, Halliburton/Landmark, and others.

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