Oil and gas organizations are embarking on the journey to the private cloud in order to improve business agility, reduce IT complexity, and manage the explosion of digital data.

On average, 72 percent of IT effort is spent on maintenance, while only 28 percent goes to investment—of which just 5 percent is devoted to infrastructure investment. Moving towards the private cloud shifts IT costs away from maintenance and management to the kinds of investments that can drive growth and help build a competitive advantage. 

The private cloud creates a fully virtualized, next-generation IT infrastructure that spans internal and external resources. It presents seamless services to the business with IT fully in control, combining the best of the data center with the best of the cloud. 

Learn more about the journey to the private cloud at EMC’s dedicated information portal:

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White Paper: Audit of EMC’s Journey

Leading by example, EMC’s own IT division is also undertaking the journey to the private cloud—and sharing best practices and lessons learned to help oil and gas companies on the journey as well.
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Accelerate seismic data access up to six times for applications like:

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The EMC Exploration and Production Infrastructure (EPI) solution with EMC Upstream Application Accelerator (UAA) for oil and gas addresses your upstream oil and gas challenges. 

Our EPI solution has been validated with industry-leading interpretation and analysis applications by Schlumberger, Halliburton/Landmark, and others.

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