Simply sharing data is no longer enough; to truly connect, state, local, and municipal governments must provide access to rich information services—on-demand from anywhere. EMC solutions enable you to digitize content, streamline, secure, and automate operations, improve performance, and provide better citizen services. You'll do all this while reducing time, cost, and risk.

Simplifying Public Sector Transformation: An ROI-Based Approach to Connected Government

Get an overview of the four steps of connected government: (1) find content everywhere; (2) capture, store, and retrieve; (3) automate and manage processes; (4) enable your constituents. This is a "must read" for state and local chief information officers, IT directors, and department heads.

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County of San Diego

See for yourself how San Diego County connects property owners with parcel maps, deeds, liens, and judgments. By collecting, storing, sharing, and retrieving information electronically, they can now connect in less time and at lower cost and risk.

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EMC Documentum xCP Solutions for Finance and Taxation

Learn about an alternative to paper-based processes for tax agencies and put an end to errors, lengthy processing delays, and substandard taxpayer service. The automated EMC Case Management solution runs on a secure, disaster-protected information infrastructure to safeguard your operations and improve service levels.

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