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Today’s business climate requires increased agility, and cloud computing can deliver by providing scalable, flexible, and cost-effective IT. EMC’s more than 15,000 services professionals accelerate every phase of your transformation to IT-as-a-service as part of the journey to cloud computing.

Why EMC for Cloud Services?

Icon: Deliver IT as a service
Business stakeholders want to consume IT services in a more responsive and flexible way. EMC can help you to transform your organizational roles and operational processes to improve efficiency and business alignment.
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End-User Computing
Your business users want access to information anywhere, on any device, in a way that’s secure, reliable, and scalable. EMC maximizes the value of your end-user computing architecture with strategy, planning, design, and implementation services.
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Cloud-Optimized Applications
Application stakeholders seek a cloud delivery model that addresses economic, trust, and functionality requirements. EMC can optimize your mission-critical applications for the cloud to take advantage of the benefits of public, private and hybrid clouds.
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Cloud Infrastructure
A cloud-optimized infrastructure is the foundation for an agile, cost-effective, transformed IT architecture. EMC can help you to transform your IT infrastructure to a cloud operating model.


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