Cloud computing is a huge opportunity. But to get the most value for your organization you need to clearly understand the potential of cloud. EMC Cloud Optimizer helps you cut through the clutter, by helping you to understand how public, private, and hybrid cloud models can create new business opportunities and drive efficiency.

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Optimize the value of cloud

Everywhere you turn the hype is cloud. It’s time to cut through the hype and get real about how cloud benefits your organization. EMC works with organizations to create roadmaps to ROI with scalable architectures, sound strategies, and real results.

CIOs need to understand the implications of today’s decisions on future opportunities, starting with a strategy for technology, people, and process that will let them extend process and security to all cloud models – private, public, and hybrid.

Taking advantage of cloud models means understanding options for:

  • Creating a business case
  • Weighing options by workload based on economics, trust, and functionality
  • Developing a transformational roadmap for business and IT
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