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Streamline Claims Processing with EMC
Automate insurance claims processing to accelerate cycles, reduce costs, and improve service.
Insurance claims processing frequently represents a labor and cost 'pain point' because of the critical nature of the information and the resulting volume of forms and supporting documents. Adopting a transactional strategy allows organizations to capture data digitally and process claims more efficiently. Explore the following resources to learn more.
White Paper: 15-Minute Guide to Digital Claims Processing

Claims consume nearly 80 percent of insurance premiums, in the form of payments or processing costs. Therefore, every insurance executive is justifiably concerned about optimizing claims management. Download this guide for a good overview on how you can reduce costs, prevent fraud, and meet customer demands while maintaining compliance with increasingly strict regulatory requirements.

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Analyst White Paper: Financial Insights: Unstructured Content Strengthens Business Processes

Insurance organizations are under constant pressure to increase process efficiency and improve customer satisfaction—while cutting operational costs. Download this analyst report to learn how automating high-cost manual processes can help you complete customer transactions more quickly, increase employee productivity, reduce errors, and improve access to valuable information.

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Podcast: EMC Documentum TCM for Property & Casualty Claims

P&C Insurers face a number of business challenges, including manual claims processes, slow process cycle times, high costs per claim, and the need to adhere to compliance regulations. Listen to this podcast to learn how you can alleviate these common challenges.

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