Accelerate Your Paper-based Processes

Insurance | Healthcare | Financial Services | Public Sector

From new account opening to loan operations, the financial services sector is always looking to accelerate processes and response time, cut operating costs, and establish higher levels of customer service. Organizations must process large volumes of documents quickly and accurately, while also adhering to strict compliance measures.

With intelligent enterprise capture, financial services organizations are able to optimize their business processes by automatically extracting and validating the large quantity of data contained in items such as loan documents, new account enrollment applications, and trade documents. This enables them to reduce processing costs, save time, and improve customer service.

One financial services company realized it needed to focus on raising its standards of customer service and overall efficiency. Its teams had been manually sorting, scanning, and distributing documents across 16 different processing areas, a highly labor-intensive and costly task. By deploying intelligent enterprise capture, the company immediately reduced manual processing to just two percent of total operations, saving nearly three times the value of its initial outlay.

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