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EMC IT redefines how the business makes decisions with big data analytics, unlocking new potential

By delivering big data analytics, a new agile model for reporting and analysis, EMC IT empowered its business users with streamlined access to important business data, enabling them to make more informed decisions which increased business agility.

Big data is changing the way IT organizations operate and deliver solutions to the business. As EMC IT embraces the third platform, we are breaking new ground with big data analytics to better position the organization to deliver a more competitive solution.
-Ramesh Razdan, Vice President and Distinguished Engineer, EMC IT

Big Data Analytics

EMC IT is transforming how big data is delivered and consumed for competitive advantage.

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Business Analytics as a Service

Business analytics as a service (BAaaS) provides EMC with significantly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), predictive analytics, and increased business agility.

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EMC IT Proven Video Playlist

Learn from EMC IT leaders discussing IT transformation, IT as a service (ITaaS), cloud, and big data.

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EMC IT Proven Resources

Learn about EMC IT Proven and EMC IT’s transformation with videos, presentations, blogs, and white papers.

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Discover and discuss best practices in cloud, big data, flash, and IT as a service (ITaaS) on the EMC IT blog.

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