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EMC IT provides state-of-the-art application solutions to enable profitable business growth

EMC IT’s Enterprise Applications team delivers and maintains EMC’s mission-critical enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, driving growth for EMC, enabling future capabilities, and maintaining platform integrity.

We run world-class enterprise business applications to meet complex business challenges, operate profitably, and adapt continuously by providing a platform for the future which helps us sharpen our competitive edge and drive current and future business growth.
-Kate Parsons, Vice President, Enterprise Applications,     EMC IT


EMC IT runs SAP to maximize enterprise value while driving more efficient and agile growth.

Watch the SAP and SAP HANA video Watch EMC IT SAP presentation Video: Redefining ERP with SAP


EMC IT uses SAP HANA to dramatically accelerate business processes and real-time decision-making.

Watch the SAP and SAP HANA video Watch SAP HANA presentation Read the ESG Analyst White Paper

Oracle Database

EMC IT developed a virtualized Oracle deployment framework—a foundation for Oracle database as a service (DBaaS).

Watch Oracle animated video Watch the Oracle presentation Watch the Oracle DBaaS video


EMC IT delivers business value through IT as a service (ITaaS) using Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, and Exchange.

Read the ITaaS EMC perspective Watch the EMC IT presentation


EMC IT deployed Syncplicity, enabling our global workforce to securely access and share files from any device.

Watch the Syncplicity Lightboard Watch Syncplicity presentation Watch EMC IT Syncplicity video

End User Computing

EMC IT upgraded its end user experience to take advantage of mobile delivery and enterprise application stores.

Watch end user computing video Watch EMC IT Syncplicity video Watch the end user presentation

EMC IT Proven Video Playlist

Learn from EMC IT leaders discussing IT transformation, IT as a service (ITaaS), cloud, and big data.

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EMC IT Proven Resources

Learn about EMC IT Proven and EMC IT’s transformation with videos, presentations, blogs, and white papers.

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Discover and discuss best practices in cloud, big data, flash, and IT as a service (ITaaS) on the EMC IT blog.

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