Big Data

Transform Your Business Into a Predictive Enterprise

EMC Isilon

Simplify data storage with a highly efficient and reliable scale-out architecture that enables rapid scaling of both capacity and performance.

Pivotal One

The first consumer-grade, enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering real-time, high-capacity analytics, cloud independence, and modern programming frameworks.

Pivotal Analytics Workbench

Enables the Apache Hadoop open source community to validate code to scale on a regular, ongoing basis.

Alpine Predictive Analytics for Pivotal

Delivers deep insights and models from all your data in a simple web-based application.

SAS High-Performance Analytics

Accelerates the performance and capacity of SAS, enabling users to embrace Big Data in their analytical applications.

Scale-out Storage Solutions for Hadoop

Combine the simplicity of EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage with Hadoop analytics tools for a powerful, integrated big data analytics storage solution.

Transforming Business, and the World What Others Say Learn More

Today, individuals and organizations are changing the world with Big Data. Are you? EMC provides the vision, talent, and technology so you can act now and get results from Big Data to better understand customer behavior, optimize operations, manage risk, and innovate.





  • Pivotal One

    The first consumer-grade enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering real-time, high-capacity analytics, cloud independence, and modern programming frameworks.

  • Pivotal Greenplum Database

    The industry-leading MPP database offering, regarded as the most scalable mission-critical analytical database.

  • Pivotal HD

    Offers enterprise-hardened Hadoop, as well as advanced SQL query services that make Hadoop more stable and usable.

  • Pivotal Chorus

    An analytic productivity platform that enables Data Science teams to search, explore, visualize, and import data from anywhere in the organization.

  • Pivotal Analytics

    Comprehensively analyzes Big Data to provide predictive business intelligence and IT/operational insights to deliver the big answers.

  • Pivotal Gemfire

    A distributed data management platform providing dynamic scalability, high performance, and database-like persistence.

  • Pivotal SQLFire

    An in-memory distributed SQL database that delivers dynamic scalability and high performance for modern, data-intensive applications.

  • Pivotal DCA

    An all-in-one appliance to deliver a fast loading, highly scalable, data co-processing platform for Big Data analytics.

  • Pivotal Performance and Monitoring

    Monitors all of your database processes and generates detailed operational, statistical, and analytical reports.



Business value and advantage are created when organizations can use information to drive faster and more accurate decisions in an automated manner.

  • Documentum xCP

    Rapidly compose and deliver Big Data-enabled applications that help turn insight into business action.