EMC TrendSet for iPad and Android

EMC TRENDSET for iPad and Android Tablets

Issue 1: Transform IT + Business + Yourself
EMC TrendSet is an interactive tablet publication designed to help you understand the transformational power of technology and educational offerings from EMC.
Interactive Experience Instant Understanding Products in Context

Tablet Power and Ease

Learn about EMCs strategic initiatives in a fascinating and ergonomic format. Use the power of a tablet interface to get a fresh view of EMC's most important intellectual property.

Get to the Point

TrendSet videos and interactive techniques illustrate EMC's major technology initiatives and their related products. You'll learn what you need to know about EMC, quickly and easily.

A View Inside EMC

EMC is driving new thinking behind Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Trusted IT. TrendSet tells EMC's technology story with product, technology, and industry context.