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EMC Support

Support on the go.
Get fast, easy, and secure mobile access to EMC Support to create and manage your service requests anytime, anywhere. Real-time synchronization ensures you get up-to-date information.
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Get a Quick Summary

Review details on all service requests for your sites: service request number, time stamp, description, and severity. Use the search feature to quickly find a specific service request.

Engage Customer Service

Create a service request to connect with EMC for technical and non-technical issues.

Check Service Request Details

Use the Overview tab to drill down for service request details including Status, Current Action, Product, and full description. Follow other service requests from your company.

Review the History

Use the Notes tab to see a listing of notes associated with a service request. View information such as note type, time stamp, and author. Tap on a note to view the full text.

Provide Your Input

Collaborate in solving your service request by adding notes, changing status, and sharing with colleagues associated with your sites.

Tailor Your Experience

Set the sort order and grouping of the service request list. Navigation is provided in your preferred language.