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The Complete EMC Experience
EMC MOBILE 3 arms the technical practitioner with a broad tool set. Whether researching a potential deployment, solving a problem with the help of your peer network, or checking up on your environment, EMC MOBILE 3 provides the complete EMC experience you are looking for.

Now Available on iPhones and Android Phones!
Personalized Reference Library Forums News Search Support

Research, Plan, and Implement

Whether planning for or maintaining an existing EMC solution, EMC MOBILE’s “My Library” feature gives you a personalized experience, providing access to a library of reference documentation that is always in sync—online or off. Plus, customizable alerts help you stay current on all the content you’re interested in.

Join the Discussion

EMC MOBILE connects you to EMC and your peers more than ever before— with the ability to log in to your EMC Community Network profile and not only follow but join the conversation!

Stay Connected

Stay tuned to all things EMC on your news and social console. Get access to Twitter, EMC Pulse, the latest EMC Videos, and EMC+ all in one place! Shake your mobile device to update on your phone.

So Simple

One search tool directs you to anything EMC: Reference | Community | Tools | News | Social

Take Command

Manage your SRs and your environment straight from your phone or tablet.