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Get enterprise information on the go.
Extend the power of enterprise content management to your mobile devices with secure, mobile access to enterprise information, enabling you to act on information faster than ever before.
Access to your enterprise content is now available through your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch mobile devices.
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Intuitive, Simple, and Secure Find It Faster Act on Information Share and Collaborate Always Available

At Your Fingertips

Get access to your enterprise information from your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch mobile devices anywhere through an easy-to-use, media-enabled interface while protecting confidential information and maintaining corporate compliance.

Search Made Easy

Find content quickly with filters, thumbnails, and full-text indexing. Make it even easier by adding results to your favorites.

Take Action

Use your mobile inbox to act on all your critical tasks—anywhere. Workflow reviews and approvals have never been easier.

Be Heard

Respond to push notifications, import content, edit metadata, share expert advice, and participate in collaborative discussions, wherever you are.

Take It to Go

Quickly gather and collect personal collections of content and download them for later use and offline access.