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Leading Service Provider to Financial Institutions Improves Information Access and Security with EMC

Payment Card Servicing Company Using EMC Documentum and Captiva Software to Enhance Information Security and Streamline Internal Operations

BOSTON (AIIM Conference and Expo), Tuesday, April 17, 2007 - 

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced that CMC, a leading provider of services to financial institutions and retailer credit and debit card programs, has improved information access and security by using EMC Documentum® and EMC Captiva® InputAccel® software for the capture and management of various content types.

CMC services commonly include managing customer correspondence, creating detailed reports on every customer transaction and recording customer inquiry calls into the call center. In each of these services, CMC handles card holders' sensitive personal information. Therefore, the company must comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards that mandate specific encryption measures to protect consumers' personal information.

"We needed a solution that would not only be PCI-compliant but also would provide a more efficient method for assembling reports and storing, managing and distributing call recordings," explained CMC Chief Information Officer David Smith. "EMC Documentum software was the clear choice because of its user-friendly interface, ease of customization and robust encryption capabilities."

Today, CMC uses the EMC Documentum enterprise content management (ECM) platform to manage and store customer transaction reports in PDF format. Documentum applies the appropriate security level to each report based upon its type and the people needing access to the information. Up to 250 CMC clients access the Documentum repository daily to view the reports through a secure Web portal using the Documentum Webtop browser-based interface.

CMC is also leveraging Documentum to manage and store audio recordings of customer calls to the call center. Each recording is stored in the Documentum repository as a WAV file, along with metadata such as client name, customer name and nature of the call. The Documentum platform encrypts the information and facilitates search and retrieval of the recording if needed. Documentum software also automates the task of distributing call recordings to CMC clients. Rather than burning recordings onto a DVD and mailing them to clients, CMC now makes the calls accessible via the Webtop interface.

EMC Captiva InputAccel document capture software is being used at CMC to capture the more-than 70,000 pages of customer correspondence that the company receives monthly. Previously, correspondence was routed and managed as paper, but today, the process is more efficient. The documents are scanned and indexed using InputAccel software. Then, the electronic images are exported into the Documentum repository so that employees and clients can easily access the electronic image, input further information or otherwise act upon the correspondence without sorting through paper.

"The combination of EMC Captiva InputAccel software and the EMC Documentum platform has transformed CMC's processes for securing, managing and providing access to critical information – resulting in better and more efficient client and customer service," said Balaji Yelamanchili, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Content Management & Archiving at EMC. "This is another demonstration of how EMC's combined information infrastructure offerings are enabling organizations to streamline business processes and improve customer service by better managing information within their enterprises."

"Since converting to the Documentum platform, our users have commented on how much easier the system is to use," said Smith. "In addition to supporting PCI compliance and improving the efficiency of several of our internal processes, Documentum software has allowed us to strengthen our relationships with clients because we can provide them with easier access to the information they need while assuring them that the information is kept secure."

In the future, CMC plans to expand the Captiva imaging solution to other departments and create a custom system for capturing credit card applications. The company also plans to implement Documentum workflow functionality to enable online interactions with clients and automate processes currently being handled manually through e-mail or exchanges of paper documents.

"Our overall IT strategy is to expand content management to many different types of content throughout the organization, and the EMC solution provides us with the flexibility to build a system ideally suited to our needs," said Smith.

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