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EMC Enhances Captiva InputAccel Software for Improved Enterprise Input Management

Localization for Asian Markets and Other Enhancements to EMC Captiva Document Capture Software Deliver a More Global, Enterprise-Level Document Capture Platform .

Hopkinton, Mass., Thursday, October 19, 2006 - 

EMC Corporation, the world leader in information management and storage, today announced EMC Captiva® InputAccel® 5.3, a significant new version of the InputAccel document capture and imaging software. This version marks an important step toward EMC's creation of a next-generation, global enterprise input management platform that will serve as a unified solution for capturing data entering an organization.

InputAccel 5.3 marks the first time the award-winning document capture software has been localized for Asian markets with the ability to capture Japanese, Korean and Chinese language characters. The new capability enables globally distributed companies with operations in Asian countries to leverage a more complete and truly international, enterprise-wide document capture platform. Globally distributed users of Captiva technology will also now benefit from being a part of EMC's worldwide technical support infrastructure. The localization of InputAccel for the Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages opens important new markets for the Captiva line of business, which continues to grow after being acquired by EMC.

InputAccel version 5.3 also delivers significantly enhanced integration with the EMC Documentum® enterprise content management (ECM) platform with bi-directional communication between the two systems. The bi-directional capability enables the Documentum ECM platform to send back to the front-end capture solution information that had previously been received from InputAccel and stored. With the enhanced integration, the Documentum platform can automatically send improperly scanned images back to InputAccel for rescan, allowing users to both improve the quality of their data capture and simplify the process of dealing with exceptions. The improved integration further benefits users by enabling the creation of unified audit trails that can better track documents through the entire lifecycle, from the initial capture through management, storage and retrieval.

Russ Perdomo, First Vice President Technology Services, of Countrywide is one of the first organizations to test the new features in InputAccel 5.3. "The bi-directional communication that allows the Documentum system to send images back to the InputAccel server for re-scan is extremely powerful. As a long-time Captiva InputAccel user, we're glad that EMC is furthering the integration between InputAccel and the Documentum content management system," said Perdomo.

Rob Tarkoff, General Manager of Captiva software for EMC said, "The introduction of InputAccel 5.3 is the first step in our effort to provide flexible, Web services capabilities in future Captiva enterprise input management platforms. As more of our customers begin to implement service oriented architectures (SOA) in their enterprises, EMC is dedicated to meeting their needs by offering Captiva technology in the form of a flexible, Web services platform that can be defined by our customers to fit their unique architectures."

In addition to its enhanced integration with Documentum, InputAccel continues to retain an open platform with the new features of version 5.3 able to work with any content management system. EMC is also continuing to develop and enhance other Captiva enterprise input management solutions, including the Dispatcher™ classification and recognition technology, InputAccel for Invoices™ and Input Management Console™.

What's New in EMC Captiva Enterprise Input Management

The EMC Captiva suite of input management solutions transforms information from paper, fax and electronic data sources into business-ready content suitable for processing by ECM systems and other enterprise applications. By seamlessly integrating the Captiva enterprise input management solutions with the Documentum enterprise content management platform, EMC is the only vendor able to provide a unified, end-to-end platform for capturing and managing all enterprise information from creation to disposal.

Pricing and Availability

EMC Captiva InputAccel 5.3 will be available in November 2006. Captiva Dispatcher 4.6, InputAccel for Invoices 3.0 and Input Management Console 2.0 are available immediately. Price varies by configuration. For more information on EMC enterprise input management solutions, please visit

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