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U.S. Department of Transportation Turns to Legato and IMS Systems for Nationwide Information Protection Solution

U.S. DOT Agency Simplifies Data Recovery and Streamlines IT Resources Using LEGATO RepliStor and NetWorker Branch Office Data Consolidation Solution

Mountain View,, Tuesday, May 18, 2004 - 
LEGATO Software, a division of EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), today announced the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is working with LEGATO and its channel partner IMS Systems as part of an agency wide initiative to consolidate and protect data from more than 90 remote offices into the DOT's Washington, DC headquarters. Now, the FMCSA protects its data nationwide at one central location using LEGATO RepliStor and NetWorker, simplifying the data protection and recovery process, increasing reliability and reducing overall cost.

Responsible for implementing critical safety programs, such as hazardous material handling, licensing, border protection, and inspections, the FMCSA required a better way to protect its data collected in remote offices at which the FMCSA had limited IT staffing and insufficient backup infrastructure. IMS Systems immediately recognized the FMCSA as a candidate for an advanced information protection technique known as "branch office data consolidation," which relies on a combination of technologies from LEGATO Software to implement data protection.

As an easier and lower-cost alternative to deploying low-end data backup at each FMCSA remote office, IMS Systems provided FMCSA with LEGATO RepliStor for real-time replication, bringing data from branch offices into central data centers located at DOT headquarters. There, long-term and point-in-time backup are handled by LEGATO NetWorker and two ADIC Scalar 100 tape libraries. LEGATO NetWorker's tape management features are also used to maintain off-site copies of all critical data.

As a result of the branch office data consolidation deployment, the central office at the FMCSA can take responsibility for the organization's disaster recovery program. Using this two-tiered approach simplifies restore operations from the branch offices, while using the central office's hardware and staff resources to best advantage.

For more details on how FMCSA uses LEGATO RepliStor and NetWorker, see the IMS Systems success story at:

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