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EMC Introduces CLARiiON Disk Library, Extends Backup-To-Disk Benefits to Traditional Backup Environments

New "Disk Library" Improves Service Levels Without Changes to Existing Backup and Recovery Infrastructure

PHOENIX,, Monday, April 5, 2004 - 

EMC Corporation, the world leader in information storage and management, today announced the EMC CLARiiON Disk Library - creating a new option for high-speed backup and recovery, the #1 storage challenge facing IT organizations worldwide*.

The CLARiiON Disk Library is a purpose-built appliance that offers the immediate benefits of backup-to-disk and a new alternative to traditional tape-based solutions. Combining the power and reliability of CLARiiON technology with cost-efficient ATA disk drives and 100% compatible tape library emulation, the CLARiiON Disk Library offers customers a proven, easy-to-deploy solution for rapid backup and recovery requiring no changes to existing applications or procedures.

Representing 60-70% of total storage management operations*, the backup and recovery process is typically a tape-oriented procedure that may not be meeting business requirements. Through the unique attributes and cost-efficiencies of the EMC CLARiiON Disk Library, customers can now dramatically improve service levels and information access while lowering management costs.

Phil Goodwin, Senior Program Director at META Group, said, "Prior to the new category of 'disk libraries' or disk-based backup devices, customers had two choices for backup and recovery: traditional tape-based backup or disk-to-disk replication software. Due to dramatic differences in cost, performance and manageability, a huge gap existed. Disk libraries fill this void, offering customers a new paradigm for backup, and more importantly, recovery."

David Donatelli, EMC Executive Vice President, Storage Platforms Operations, said, "Customers have long understood the advantages of disk-based backup, but many have been unable to move directly to a disk-to-disk approach. With the EMC CLARiiON Disk Library, enterprises now have a simple and reliable backup and restore solution that's easy to install: No modifications to current backup software or processes are required. Today, EMC has removed the barriers for deploying high-speed, disk-based backup and recovery."

In a recently released analysis, META Group reported, "Backup and recovery remains the top pain point among most storage management organizations. Coping with failed backups, tape-drive failures, and media errors consumes nearly two-thirds of the effort associated with storage management*."

"Data backup and recovery processes have typically relied on tape media as the sole method of data recovery. Today, this is no longer a best practice. Through the implementation of a disk library as an organization's primary recovery solution, customers can redeploy IT resources on more proactive, revenue-generating activities," Goodwin added.

David Kadow, Director of Systems Administration, CDC IXIS Capital Markets North America, a Financial Services subsidiary of CDC IXIS, said, "In our testing, the CLARiiON Disk Library has exhibited significant performance and reliability benefits relative to the older, incumbent backup infrastructure. In our environment, reliability, high performance and scalability are key requirements for any technology solution we would consider. These are especially important during automated, unattended processing such as our intensive, multi-terabyte data backup operations."

Superior Performance Compared With Traditional Backup Media

While disk-to-disk replication software, such as snapshots and remote replicas, continues to offer the highest possible service levels, the CLARiiON Disk Library significantly improves performance and availability over alternate backup media through the high-availability, RAID protection and data integrity characteristics of the CLARiiON architecture. The CLARiiON Disk Library is available in two preconfigured appliances:

  • EMC CLARiiON DL700 - Based on the recently introduced CLARiiON CX700 system, the CLARiiON DL700 is targeted at enterprises that are looking to implement a disk-based solution as their primary backup and recovery media. The system delivers sustained performance of 425MB/sec and carries a maximum capacity of 58 terabytes of usable storage and up to 174 terabytes using compression technology provided by the disk library.
  • EMC CLARiiON DL300 - For distributed environments, the CLARiiON DL300 offers all the benefits of a disk library in a small package. It delivers sustained performance of 225MB/sec and supports a maximum capacity of 12.5 terabytes usable storage and up to 37.5 terabytes using compression.

Both CLARiiON Disk Libraries offer single-stream performance of up to 80MB/sec. In typical usage scenarios, CLARiiON Disk Libraries deliver approximately 30-60% faster backup and 90% faster restore performance than tape, depending on configurations.

Efficient Storage Utilization and Offsite Tape Storage

The CLARiiON Disk Library employs in-band data compression and unique dynamic storage allocation, allowing customers to easily and efficiently scale capacity as well as increase the usable storage by up to three times, lowering costs.

As tape will continue to serve as the primary medium for long-term offline storage, the CLARiiON Disk Library can facilitate the final data movement to physical tapes in native format - using an automated process to determine the specific data and time required for movement to tape - completing the information lifecycle.

Deployment in Under Two Hours

Designed for easy installation and simple management, the CLARiiON Disk Library emulates a wide range of open systems tape libraries, drives and cartridges - eliminating the need for changes to the existing backup process and infrastructure.

"Ease of implementation is also important. The EMC CLARiiON Disk Library integrated into our backup infrastructure in mere hours and has proven to have all the attributes we hoped for," Kadow added. "The EMC solution will help us vastly reduce our reliance on tape, significantly improves our backup and duplication windows, and will scale with our data growth. The other benefit is that it comes from EMC, a vendor we have learned to trust over our years of partnership."

The CLARiiON Disk Library emulates ADIC Scaler series, ATL P-series, STK L-series and STK 97xx series tape libraries and has been tested and is qualified with: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), LEGATO NetWorker, VERITAS NetBackup & VERITAS Backup Exec backup applications. Qualifications for CommVault Galaxy, Computer Associates (CA) BrightStor ARCserve Backup & BrightStor Enterprise Backup are in progress.

Tape Library Consolidation

Unlike other disk-based backup solutions, the power and capacity of the CLARiiON Disk Library allows customers to cost-effectively consolidate multiple tape libraries into a single footprint, providing additional cost savings in large, enterprise environments. Up to 32 tape libraries and up to 256 tape drives can be emulated concurrently with a single CLARiiON Disk Library.

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