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EMC Announces 100th Integrated Centera Application

BMC Software Completes Integration, Cementing Centera's Position as the Leading Storage Platform for Fixed Content

Hopkinton,, Tuesday, March 9, 2004 - 

Underscoring its commitment to providing the most open and innovative storage platform for the growing quantities of digital fixed content, EMC Corporation today announced the completed integration of EMC Centera content-addressed storage (CAS) system with BMC Software's CONTROL-D - marking the 100th integrated Centera application.

Since its introduction, over 300 partners and resellers have enrolled in the Centera partner program. In addition to the more than 100 applications that are fully integrated and generally available, 140 additional partners are currently engaged in the integration process, taking advantage of the free and open Centera application programming interface (API).

Tom Heiser, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EMC's Centera Division, said, "From the outset, EMC architected Centera as the most open storage platform for the vast amounts of digital fixed content that our customers are challenged to archive and retain. Achieving this milestone with BMC Software, a long-time EMC partner, has special significance."

BMC Software's CONTROL-D, an enterprise output management solution, automates report-handling tasks from report creation, to report archiving and retrieval for online viewing. The automation and integration of all aspects of enterprise-wide output management saves companies money and facilitates better communications and higher satisfaction with customers, partners and suppliers by providing complete control over the processing, distribution, archiving and viewing of large volumes of reports, images, invoices and other documents.

Centera provides an ideal storage solution for managing and archiving CONTROL-D processed enterprise reports as it delivers speedy, reliable access to this valuable fixed content.

Amos Marom, Vice President of Research and Development for CONTROL-M&D at BMC Software, Inc., said, "The BMC Software and EMC partnership, which spans global sales, marketing and technology relationships for various products, provides significant value to our joint customers. For example, the integration of Centera and CONTROL-D enables customers to focus on their core business demands with the assurance that the information people need to do their job will be there."

Other key Centera partners include some of the world's leading application providers and resellers including Agfa Healthcare, Kodak Health Imaging, Connected, Documentum, FileNet, IXOS, Fujitsu Siemens, GE Medical Systems, KVS, LEGATO, Mobius, Unisys and many others.

Centera's rapid adoption highlights its position as the fastest-growing storage platform in EMC history and underscores its role as a critical component of EMC's information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy. More than 500 customers have implemented the Centera platform for its unique data protection, self-healing and long-term archiving capabilities.

About EMC Centera

The world's first CAS solution, EMC Centera is EMC's fastest growing product line and the world's leading online archival storage medium. Resolving the challenges that had traditionally prevented institutions from bringing their fixed content online, Centera's revolutionary content addressing technology drastically reduces management overhead, enabling one full-time employee to manage up to 350 terabytes of fixed content. Centera's unique self-healing and authentication features have prompted its industry-wide recognition as the first disk-based WORM (write once, read many) storage medium and is a compelling solution for regulated storage environments required by organizations such as FTC and SEC and regulations such as HIPAA.

About EMC

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