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JetBlue Fares Best With EMC

Rapidly Growing Airline Rolls Out New Windows Server 2003 Environment on EMC Automated Networked Storage to Reduce Costs, Simplify Management

Hopkinton,, Thursday, April 24, 2003 - 

EMC Corporation announced today that JetBlue Airways Corporation, a fast-growing, low-cost passenger airline, has implemented EMC networked storage and open management software. EMC is helping JetBlue handle its growth of information and pursue consolidation of its Microsoft Windows 2003 environment to make data management significantly more efficient and reliable, slow the rate of server acquisition and improve storage utilization.

Jeff Cohen, JetBlue's Chief Information Officer, said, "We're in the relatively unique position of expanding in an industry that has significantly contracted over recent years. With this growth, the challenge of managing larger stores of critical online information has surfaced. Before we moved our storage infrastructure to EMC, we lacked a clear view of our data because it was so spread out. After consolidating onto EMC, our storage became dramatically easier to administer and allocate. With EMC, we were able to grow our storage capacity more than 600% and double storage utilization rates from 45% to 90% without needing additional storage staff. Because we no longer bundle storage with every server purchase, our server investments last longer, and we have cut the number of servers we buy."

"We're very impressed with EMC's package of ControlCenter™ management tools," Cohen added. "Our IT staff reports that EMC's storage management software is more intuitive, easier to navigate and more feature rich than other vendors' tools."

JetBlue Rolls Out New Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with EMC

An EMC storage area network (SAN) provides consolidated storage to JetBlue's Unisys ES7000 and Compaq servers, both of which utilize Microsoft Windows 2000 and the new Windows Server 2003 operating system.

"We have found EMC amazingly easy to attach to the Windows environment," said Cohen. "Unlike with other storage platforms, we were not required to reboot every time we wanted to view the EMC volumes. Microsoft and EMC have worked closely to make the integration between the products seamless. Our rollout of Windows Server 2003 onto EMC is simplifying data management, reducing costs, and improving data availability even more.

"We're active in early adopter programs to get a head start on getting value from some of the cutting-edge technologies," said Cohen. "Some of the other vendors we work with were not able to provide insight into Windows Server 2003, but EMC has been right there with us. To get the full benefit from our Windows Server 2003 environment, we're now working with EMC to implement EMC's PowerPath™ software to move from a single data path connection between our Windows 2000 servers and the EMC SAN to a dual path."

Based in Forest Hills, N.Y., JetBlue runs all of its critical applications on an EMC storage infrastructure residing across two New York City-area data centers and a Salt Lake City data center. EMC Symmetrix® networked storage will provide consolidated storage to an application that enables JetBlue to track the lifecycle of the hundreds of thousands of parts that comprise each aircraft, determine appropriate maintenance and issue alerts. Applications already running on JetBlue's EMC networked storage include airplane management, payroll, financials, purchasing and Exchange Server 2003.

In addition to EMC ControlCenter, JetBlue uses EMC SAN Manager™, TimeFinder™ and SRDF™ (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) software to further improve data management. JetBlue recently migrated a data center to a new location, using SRDF to remotely replicate data stored on EMC Symmetrix® systems at the two sites. JetBlue also is implementing SRDF to provide remote replication of data among its three data centers in New York and Utah.

EMC Global Services has provided JetBlue with design and implementation services for the EMC SAN infrastructure, EMC software and most recently, the rollout of Windows Server 2003 onto the EMC SAN.

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