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EMC, Oracle Help Customers Outsmart and Outrun Competition With Oracle E-Business Suite ""Clones""

Oracle 11i Application Utility with EMC TimeFinder Eliminates Cloning Time and Resource Bottlenecks; Allows Applications to Do More for Business

San Diego,, Tuesday, January 21, 2003 - 

EMC Corporation and Oracle Corporation today unveiled the first certified joint best practice for quickly creating non-disruptive copies of Oracle 11i Application environments. Through a combination of EMC software and new Oracle utilities, customers can create a "clone" of their application for testing, upgrades, business continuity planning, backup and recovery, data warehouse loading, or hardware migrations.

As companies increasingly use a single, integrated enterprise application to run their entire business, the ability to create an exact duplicate of their business information, while the original remains online, becomes a key requirement. Through collaborative engineering and testing within Oracle's development labs, EMC and Oracle have overcome many of the labor and business disruption challenges of creating clones by using EMC TimeFinder software and the Oracle Automatic System Configuration utility, AutoConfig, which simplifies configuring the application environment. EMC and Oracle have documented this in a best practice white paper and are highlighting the many business and cost-of-ownership benefits of this combined solution to thousands of users at the annual Oracle AppsWorld conference (January 19-22, 2003, San Diego Convention Center).

"We've successfully automated a tedious, error-prone process for customers," said Don Swatik, EMC's vice president, Global Solutions Group. "As customers look to leverage a single view of all of their information and reduce costs, automation is key. This is the foundation for our AutoIS strategy. By working closely with Oracle, we're combining their utilities with unique EMC software capabilities to automate the application cloning process, which allows a customer's application to do more for its business."

By utilizing the features of EMC TimeFinder software, which creates multiple copies of data within a single storage system, and the flexibility of Oracle AutoConfig, EMC and Oracle have been able to eliminate time and resource—consuming bottlenecks in creating cloned copies of the Oracle E-Business Suite. The point-in-time mirror images of the online data can then be used for a variety of purposes—from upgrading and testing to backup and decision support—all while production systems remain online, allowing businesses to extract more value from their Oracle E-Business Suite investment.

Juan Jones, vice president, System Platforms Division, Oracle Corp., added, "The combination of Oracle and EMC technologies helps customers outsmart, outrun and outperform their competition. Unlike database clones, application clones are not simply a copy of the database. Key application information in both the database and application layers must also be copied in order to make the clone usable. Oracle and EMC have addressed these challenges and automated the process to ensure these tasks have minimal impact on business operations and staff and network resources."

A jointly developed white paper, "Quickly Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with EMC TimeFinder and Oracle AutoConfig," is available at EMC and Oracle have more than 25,000 mutual installations, providing solutions for 90 of the Fortune 100 businesses. The two companies have worked together since 1995, most recently announcing the opening of the Oracle and EMC Joint Service Center to deliver customized support for their shared customers as part of a new focus on advanced joint services offerings.

EMC and Oracle, together with Cisco, continue to drive the widely regarded ECOstructure Initiative, which combines the companies' best practices and implementation experiences to provide the entire IT industry with blueprints for deploying high-availability e-business infrastructures. Oracle is a charter member of the EMC Developers Program (EDP), and was one of the first companies to integrate EMC's WideSky middleware into its product development. EMC has had engineering and business development resources onsite at Oracle for more than five years, and both companies use each other's technologies in their own businesses.

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