Press Release

Telco Leader in Mexico Implements EMC Automated Networked Storage to Manage EMC and HP Storage

AXTEL Credits EMC ControlCenter Software with Lower Costs, Faster Time to Market

Hopkinton,, Monday, December 16, 2002 - 

EMC Corporation announced today that AXTEL, Mexico's largest and fastest-growing local exchange telecommunications carrier, has implemented EMC Automated Networked Storage solutions to centrally manage a diverse technology infrastructure composed of EMC Symmetrix and Hewlett-Packard StorageWorks storage systems. AXTEL credits EMC's ControlCenter family of management software, which is central to EMC's AutoIS strategy, with significantly lowering operational costs and increasing time to market of new products and services through a single point of management.

Since Mexico opened its telecommunications industry to competition during the late 1990s, AXTEL has become the country's largest and fastest-growing competitive local exchange carrier. AXTEL serves Mexico's three largest metropolitan areas and the next three important cities serving approximately 300,000 customers. "The need to integrate diverse and often incompatible elements affected business by slowing processes and draining IT resources. We chose EMC over other vendors to address these issues because it offers the richest and broadest management software set and demonstrates the strongest commitment to openness and interoperability," said Jose Guereque, AXTEL's IT manager.

Based in Monterrey, Mexico, AXTEL has implemented EMC ControlCenter to consolidate the number of management tools required to monitor, control and report on EMC Symmetrix and HP/Compaq StorageWorks storage, as well as Fibre Channel switches and servers from numerous vendors. In six months, AXTEL's storage capacity has increased by 30 percent without requiring any additional storage management staffing. EMC ControlCenter's integrated applications allow AXTEL to allocate storage regardless of storage system or application, improving storage utilization by 20 percent. All of the improvements have translated into lower management costs and the flexibility to react more quickly to market changes with new product and services.

AXTEL plans to implement ControlCenter StorageScope for storage capacity planning and reporting. Guereque added, "We expect to boost our storage utilization levels even further as we roll out additional elements of the ControlCenter family. With EMC's StorageScope software, we will be able to pinpoint and address any underutilized storage assets and plan better for future storage needs. Because individual departments have their own budgets for storage, users will be more accountable for their own storage usage, and overall storage productivity will increase."

An EMC storage area network (SAN) provides AXTEL with consolidated storage to all of its critical applications, including enterprise resource planning (SAP), billing (CSG Systems/Kenan), data warehousing, CDR mediation (Ericsson/BMP), network monitoring system (Harris) and network inventory (Granite). AXTEL chose Symmetrix for its ability to handle maximum-scale consolidations, support the most dynamic workloads and resume business operations in seconds to minutes following an unplanned outage. EMC's Professional Services consultants provided AXTEL with design, testing and implementation services for its automated networked storage solution.

EMC's WideSky storage management middleware empowers EMC ControlCenter to manage Compaq and other non-EMC storage systems. WideSky facilitates the communication and coordination between EMC storage management software and multi-vendor platform, connectivity and server-based storage resources. Through WideSky, EMC enables companies such as AXTEL to discover, view, measure and manage both EMC and non-EMC storage systems and SANs—all from one point of contact.

Tony Marzulli, EMC Vice President, Open Software Marketing, said, "AXTEL clearly demonstrates how centralized storage management can be a powerful enabler and driver of new services and revenue. AXTEL and other successful companies are choosing EMC for next-generation storage management because EMC is the only vendor 100 percent focused on automated networked storage. EMC's advanced solutions, deep sales and services organization and strong R&D focus are what businesses need to fully extract the cost savings and business flexibility a successful automated networked storage infrastructure should provide."

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