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EMC Showcases Information Storage and Software at SuperComm

Leading Storage Solutions Help Telecommunications Providers Gain "A Telecommunications Advantage"

Atlanta,, Monday, June 3, 2002 - 

EMC Corporation, the world leader in information storage and a leading provider to the telecommunications industry, is showcasing information storage and software solutions that help telecommunications companies create new revenue streams and manage their growing information assets at SuperComm, the telecommunication industry's largest conference and exhibition.

With an EMC information storage infrastructure, telecommunications providers can take advantage of their existing resources to structure and deliver new services, such as business continuity or business application services. Telecommunication carriers can support enterprise customers with a range of solutions in both storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) environments that reach beyond basic storage and extend into content management.

EMC has developed an innovative new technology for storing large files for archival purposes. The recently announced Centera™ software and systems are specifically designed to store fixed content, or long-lasting and unchanging digital objects retained for active reference and use. Examples range from engineering drawings and electronic business documents to customer bills and field work histories. EMC Centera employs content-based addressing software that simplifies management, reduces costs, ensures content uniqueness, and delivers the scalability needed for terabyte- to petabyte-level fixed content requirements.

"With Centera, telecommunications companies can develop new revenue generating business areas based on a service provider model. Carriers can offer enterprise customers storage services that readily integrate into their current business applications with advantages like assured authenticity, efficient replication and fast retrieval of fixed content information," said Bill Nelson, EMC's Senior Vice President of Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment. "Additionally, telecommunications companies could leverage Centera to improve their own operational efficiencies in dealing with a variety of fixed content formats."

Automated Information Storage (AutoIS) is EMC's strategy for reducing storage management complexity in an open environment. With new management applications and technologies, telecommunications companies can automate and simplify labor-intensive and inefficient processes. This is particularly beneficial to telecommunications companies who are challenged to integrate and upgrade stove-piped BSS and OSS systems. Carriers can create a single view of their global storage assets and use task automation tools to achieve high storage asset utilization across all servers. EMC StorageScope software automates storage metering and reporting on allocated storage capacity, host usage, and platform requirements. With this software, service providers can track, bill and optimize planning for storage utilization across a complex, heterogeneous server and storage environment.

EMC technology and integration demonstrations with partners will be highlighted in the EMC booth (# 11713). EMC's comprehensive offering consists of a flexible and managed network of highly scalable, functional storage and file server platforms. EMC's platforms including CLARiiON® and Symmetrix® as well as EMC's Celerra™ File Servers are recognized as the most reliable information technology platforms in the industry. All platforms operate in a single infrastructure and provide access to information, regardless of its location, operating system or method of network connectivity. Advanced software helps customers manage their complex enterprises, provide business continuance in the event of a disaster and protect their critical information securely.

About EMC in Telecommunications

EMC is a leading provider of information storage solutions to the telecommunications industry. For more than a decade, EMC has been working with leading telecommunications providers and service providers, counting over 90% of all carriers worldwide as EMC customers. EMC solutions allow telecommunications companies to manage, share and protect their information and customer information.

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