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Major New CLARiiON Advances Bolster Connectivity And Consolidation

EMC Adds 2Gigabit Fibre Channel, Quadruples Number of Hosts Supported, Extends by Six-fold the Distance Between Mirrored CLARiiON Systems

Hopkinton,, Tuesday, October 16, 2001 - 

Highlighting the EMC CLARiiON storage system architecture as a platform for continuous innovation, EMC Corporation today further solidified its position at the center of customers' information consolidation efforts with a wide range of connectivity advancements. Today's announcement underscores the role of the award-winning CLARiiON architecture as a central design point for consolidated and distributed computing environments. EMC continues to incorporate into the CLARiiON line the most advanced storage technology to help customers achieve ever-increasing levels of information consolidation while sharply reducing total cost of ownership for their information resources.

Michael Obiedzinski, Vice President of Information Technology for Depository Trust Clearing Corporation, said, "EMC has an excellent track record for rapid and consistent delivery of both advanced technology and service. The new CLARiiON enhancements prove this out once again. We've implemented high-availability EMC CLARiiON systems for all our internal applications, and have come to rely on EMC's ability to continually build upon the architecture. We rely on the consistency. We rely on the functionality. We rely on the EMC brand of support."

Chuck Hollis, EMC's Vice President of Markets and Products, said, "With this announcement, CLARiiON technology is now even more clearly positioned as a serious player in the enterprise storage marketplace. More and more customers are discovering the benefits of CLARiiON's advanced technology, modular architecture and software functionality to address their growing enterprise information challenges."

New CLARiiON enhancements include:


2 Gigabit Fibre Channel support - drives down customer costs by doubling the amount of available bandwidth in fabric-attached CLARiiON environments. This allows storage systems to support a greater number of hosts per storage port connection with the same number of switches.

Expanded SAN Connectivity - by quadrupling the SAN connectivity, up to 64 hosts on a single FC4700 system, EMC is helping customers further expand their mid-tier storage consolidation efforts, a critical requirement for service providers and larger departments experiencing rapid growth. In addition, by doubling switch support -- up to 8 switches per storage area network -- EMC CLARiiON configurations can now grow to over 300 available ports per SAN, a leading position in the mid-range market.

EMC MirrorView Switched Fabric Support - EMC MirrorView software can now provide extended distances and increased host connectivity for remotely mirrored CLARiiON FC4700 systems. Combined with Nortel Optera 5200 dense wave division multiplexer (DWDM) extenders, customers can extend by six-fold (up to 60 kilometers) the distance between the primary and secondary mirrored CLARiiON systems.

Multi-Path I/O - offering even higher availability through port-level failover as well as load balancing across separate storage processors, enabling customers to benefit from more efficient use of server and channel paths and higher performance.

Enhanced Server Connectivity - extends enterprise storage characteristics of the CLARiiON FC4700 to SGI IRIX and Compaq Tru64 servers within heterogeneous environments. These two additions add to CLARiiON FC4700 connectivity for Microsoft Windows NT/2000, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Novell NetWare and Red Hat Linux servers, the market's broadest range of midrange storage server connectivity.


File System Improvements - enabling CLARiiON IP4700 customers to implement variable size file systems (up to 2 terabytes each) to match user and application requirements. Customers can also non-disruptively expand file systems when they are nearing capacity limits.

Enhanced Networking - CLARiiON IP4700 support for Fast EtherChannel, enabling users to take advantage of the aggregate bandwidth connected to the CLARiiON IP4700 and Virtual LAN Tagging, providing for the partitioning of bandwidth into logically manageable subgroups, thereby simplifying and improving security.

Broader Operating Environment Support - expands CLARiiON IP4700 support for Windows 2000 native-mode participation, Novell NetWare, and Apple Macintosh desktop environments.

Administrative Enhancements -improves operational efficiencies by automatically mapping privileges between Windows and UNIX environments, and capping storage utilization with user level quotas. Administrative access control improves security by limiting operator functions to a specific network or workstation.

Through the EMC CLARiiON "chameleon-like" architecture, EMC helps customers extend the value of their storage investments across all connectivity methods. Customers can re-deploy the same CLARiiON 4700 system into NAS, SAN, direct-attached or clustered environments if business needs change, providing unsurpassed connectivity choice, asset life extension and storage infrastructure flexibility.

Over the last nine months, the EMC CLARiiON line of information storage systems has amassed a host of industry accolades. EMC CLARiiON FC4700 storage area network (SAN) and EMC CLARiiON® IP4700 network-attached storage (NAS) systems won PC Magazine Award for Innovation in Infrastructure. In March 2001, CLARiiON IP4700 won theWEEK eXcellence Awards as the leading B2B infrastructure product and one of the best new e-business products and services introduced in the year 2000. And last December, the forefather to the FC4700 - the CLARiiON FC4500 - was heralded by eWEEK Senior Analyst Henry Baltazar as "the most impressive product reviewed in 2000."

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