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EMC Unites Information Nation With New Networked Storage Systems and Software

, December 05, 2000 - 

EMC today extended the reach of the world's most trusted information storage technology from the data center's core to the network's edge with the introduction of groundbreaking new networked storage systems and software. Today's announcement defines the new world of networked storage and strengthens EMC's lead in helping organizations unite and generate value from all their information, regardless of location or connectivity method. The new solutions bring network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SANs) into a unified network, while extending enterprise-level high availability to the mid-tier NAS market. They include:

  • EMC Celerra with HighRoad™software incorporates significant new software functionality into the EMC Celerra File Server operating environment and participating servers. HighRoad fuses the industry-standard file sharing of NAS with the high performance and efficient information delivery of a SAN into one unified storage network. HighRoad significantly enhances file-sharing capabilities and performance in high-bandwidth, collaborative and publishing applications.
  • EMC CLARiiON® IP4700 network-attached storage system, code-named "Chameleon," changes the color of the NAS landscape by delivering an unprecedented combination of fault tolerance and ease of deployment to the mid-tier NAS market. CLARiiON IP4700 blends advanced high-availability features, an average 10-minute installation and a wide range of network connections including Gigabit Ethernet, at about half the price of competitive products. In addition, new optional EMC SnapView/IP™ software provides multiple, independent point-in-time copies of the active CLARiiON IP4700 file system to shorten backup and recovery windows, generate point-in-time analysis and reporting, and speed non-disruptive application testing and development.

Joe Tucci, EMC's President and Chief Operating Officer, said, "The networking of storage is reshaping information technology around the increasingly strategic role of intelligent storage. Over the next few years, more than 80% of the world's storage systems will be directly connected to some type of network. EMC leads in making this new world of networked storage a reality, and we have amassed a depth of storage and networking expertise like no other company. Today's announcement lines up that expertise behind one mission - to help organizations unite and generate full value out of all their information."

Jim Rothnie, EMC's Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said, "There is a class of information requiring content delivery and file sharing that has never been more vital - information like Web pages, rich media, streaming videos, medical and design files. The first priority is to build a storage infrastructure to ensure this information is always safe and always rapidly available. Today's announcements bring the best of EMC's enterprise and midrange storage experience to this network-connected information. We've taken what customers expect from the EMC offering — unparalleled levels of performance, availability, scalability, protection, manageability, and flexibility, as well as the world's best service and support — and applied them across a full spectrum of NAS solutions."

Bringing the Power of EMC E-Infostructure to Mid-Tier NAS

Built on EMC's proven CLARiiON architecture, the new EMC CLARiiON IP4700 brings high-end, highly available functionality to the mid-tier NAS market. IP4700 scales to 3.6 terabytes in rack-mountable increments, is designed from the ground up to enable seamless failover of operations without the added burden of special software and complex configurations, and is supported by industry-leading backup solutions. Simplified packaging and design offers customers a high-availability configuration with rapid 10-minute installation.

S. Mohan, CEO of SpaceDisk, a leader in edge infrastructure for intelligent content storage and delivery, said, "A bet-your-business decision like storage infrastructure leaves no room for compromise. Our customers and strategic partners demand we implement the very best. That's why we are deploying an EMC storage infrastructure. All IBM and Network Appliance network-attached filers will be replaced with our 45-terabyte purchase of high-availability EMC CLARiiON IP4700 systems — and all the EMC value that comes with them — bringing tremendous reliability and credibility to our infrastructure. As an added benefit, doing business with EMC has proven to be easier than with any other technology partner."

Opening an Entry Level for Enterprise NAS

EMC also opened a new entry point for enterprise NAS today with announcement of the EMC Celerra SE File Server. Celerra SE combines for the first time the EMC Celerra File Server - the enterprise NAS market leader - and the Symmetrix® Enterprise Storage system in a single enclosure. Celerra SE delivers an entry-level enterprise NAS configuration with all the high-end enterprise attributes of the Celerra File Server platform, such as advanced clustering and the ability to integrate with proven software such as EMC TimeFinder™and Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF™). Celerra SE scales to 1.1 terabytes of internal capacity (eight terabytes total internal/external capacity). In addition, two pre-configured models are available for customers requiring rapid deployment.

Since 1996, EMC has been the enterprise NAS market leader with the EMC Celerra File Server, which enables network access to EMC's market-leading Symmetrix Enterprise Storage system. According to IDC, Celerra is the industry's fastest-growing network-attached storage offering, with a 12-month growth rate of more than 400%.

Today's announcement brings a new level of service and support to the mid-tier NAS segment and underscores the successful integration of SAN and NAS environments. With more than 5,000 service professionals and the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the entire technology industry, EMC Global Services delivers best-practice-class professional services consulting, installation, day-to-day support, parts delivery and system upgrades. EMC Global Services represents the support arm of the EMC offering and a primary competitive differentiator for EMC, providing customers with the world's most complete set of service solutions before, during and following the technology purchase.

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